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Eurocell Extensions FAQs
Why should I choose a EurXtension?
Because a EurXtension is your dream extension made simple! We fully manage the process for you from design to completion and you can be enjoying your new energy efficient space in weeks not months; not to mention a fixed price and the option of finance to help you spread the cost. 
Will my EurXtension be energy efficient?
Yes, each component of the EurXtension system plays a part in delivering an energy efficient space. SIPs panels provide unrivalled insulation and airtightness; combining SIPs panels with our A-rated windows and doors, and our roof solution that is 10 times more efficient than our A rated windows you can be confident that your new space is working hard to save you money on your energy bills.
Will I be able to use my EurXtension all year round?
Yes, EurXtension system allows you to create a space that is welcoming and comfortable whatever the weather!
Why should I choose a EurXtension over a warm roof solution?
Choosing to replace your existing conservatory with a EurXtension gives you an opportunity to create a tailor-made, thermally efficient space perfect for your needs.  however if your current conservatory is already a space you love but you’re looking to resolve the age old too hot in summer and too cold in winter issue, then our Equinox roof system might be what you’re looking for, fully insulated, suitable to install on any existing conservatory...
Can I customise my EurXtension?
Absolutely! EurXtensions can be tailor-made to create your dream space. Choose the shape you require, decide where you want them and then select your windows and doors from our range of styles and colours, choose your roof style, tile colour and if you like why not add rooflights for that extra flood of natural light!
Will a EurXtension add value to my home?
Whether you’re looking to add a new extension or replace an old conservatory, a EurXtension will undoubtably add value to your home.  Adding additional rooms to a house will always increase the value of the property, and with recent reports indicating that an old conservatory can de-value a home by as much as £15,000 due to their reputation of being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, choosing to add a EurXtension to your home ...
How much does a house extension cost?
If you're considering a house extension, keep in mind that several aspects can impact the overall cost. These encompass elements such as the extension's size, style, and the amount of glazing in the walls and roof. Don't forget to explore modern solutions like Eurocell's EurXtension, which could provide a valuable addition to your project.
Do I need planning permission for an extension?
Orangeries or house extensions may not always require planning permission, usually falling under permitted development if size and criteria are met. For full criteria, visit the Planning Portal website. Consider Eurocell EurXtension for innovative options.
What's the difference between orangery and conservatory?
A conservatory boasts a glass structure with a pitched glazed roof perched upon a brick base, whereas an orangery features a brick structure with spacious windows and a flat roof incorporating a glass lantern.
How long is the house extension process?
The key time determinant for a house extension is its foundation work. Duration depends on ground conditions and need for piled foundations. After the base, using Eurocell's EurXtension could speed up construction, taking weeks with pre-fab or months with traditional methods.
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Flooring and Skirting
Will I need a mitre block when I install plastic skirting boards?
Yes - but only to mitre the architraves. UPVC skirting boards don’t need a mitre block. Check your local Eurocell branch, or browse our online store, to find a suitable mitre block.
How do I install Roomline plastic skirting boards?
We always recommend you using Silversil Never Nails or standard building adhesives, both of which are available from your local Eurocell branch or through our online shop. Fix All High Tack is perfect for guaranteeing a superior performance.
Can I start installing my plastic skirting boards from anywhere in the room?
No. Fitting Roomline UPVC skirting boards always follows the same pattern: start at the door opening and work around the room in a clockwise direction.
Should I fit my UPVC skirting boards or carpet first?
In any room where you plan to install a carpet, you should always install your UPVC skirting boards first. However, if the room already has a carpet fitted and you are simply looking to replace wooden skirting boards with new plastic skirting boards, don’t worry. Roomline skirting boards can be fitted over an existing carpet.
Should I fit my UPVC skirting boards or laminate first?
If you’re planning to lay a new laminate or tiled floor, do this before you fit your Roomline skirting boards.
How do I fix the jointing pieces in UPVC skirting boards?
There’s nothing too complicated about this. Just use Eurocell superglue to fix the jointing pieces and you shouldn’t have any problems in the future.
Can UPVC skirting boards hide cables?
Yes. The gasket on the bottom of Roomline skirting boards can hide low voltage speaker cables and telephone wires.
Are 135- or 150-degree angle jointing pieces available to buy?
No. You will need to mitre your Roomline skirting boards to achieve these angles. Mitre blocks are available from your local Eurocell branch.
How do I clean plastic skirting boards and architrave?
Roomline skirting boards and architrave are very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth. Simply wipe the boards and admire the finish. For stubborn marks, use a non-abrasive cream cleaner to help. We recommend SilverSil Cream Cleaner. Using chemical-based cleaners or abrasive materials is NOT recommended.
Do you deliver plastic skirting boards?
Yes. Any order over £50 qualifies for free delivery across mainland England, Scotland, and Wales.
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Silicones Adhesives and Cleaners
Can I collect my silicones, adhesives, and cleaners today?
Almost certainly, yes. Each of our nationwide network of more than 215 branches stocks the vast bulk of our silicones, adhesives and cleaners. Try our click and collect service to find your nearest branch.
Can I have my silicones, adhesives, and cleaners delivered?
Yes, we offer nationwide delivery to mainland UK on all silicones, adhesives, and cleaners.
Do you have different silicone and adhesive colours?
Yes. Our silicones and adhesives are available in a range of different silicone and adhesive colours.
Where should I buy my silicones, adhesives, and cleaners?
Eurocell is the UK’s leading UPVC manufacturer, recycler and distributor. We’ve been trusted by the trade to deliver high quality, long lasting and professional-grade silicones, adhesives and cleaners for more than 45 years. Across our national network of more than 200 branches, we have thousands of product experts able to offer support and advice you need for your latest project. We can deliver directly to your site, or you can click and collect...
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Tools Fixings and Accessories
Can I collect my tools, fixings and accessories today?
Yes. Simply check on our website for the stock levels at your nearest branch, then choose click and collect when completing your order. With more than 215 branches across the country, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to get everything you need at super-fast speed. 
Can I have my tools, fixings and accessories delivered?
Yes. All orders from Eurocell can be delivered anywhere across mainland UK.
Where should I buy my tools, fixings and accessories?
For almost five decades, Eurocell has been trusted by trade professionals across the UK. In part, that trust has been earned through our high quality, long lasting and professional grade tools, fixings and accessories. Across our national network of more than 215 branches, we have thousands of product experts able to offer support and advice you need for your latest project. We can deliver your order straight to your site, or you can click and collect...
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Security and Hardware
Can I collect my security hardware today?
Yes. Order online and choose click-and-collect. If your closest store has what you need in stock, you can pick it up later today.
Can I have my security hardware delivered?
Yes. Any order over £50 (excluding VAT) is eligible for free delivery across the UK mainland. Orders below £50 can also be delivered with a small delivery charge.
Do you have different security hardware colours?
Yes. Some of our security hardware colour matches with our other UPVC products. We also have finishes including chrome available.
Where should I buy my security hardware?
Eurocell is the UK’s leading UPVC manufacturer, recycler and distributor. For more than 45 years, trade professionals have trusted us to provide the highest quality security hardware across our national network of more than 215 branches.
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Am I eligible to apply for finance?
To qualify you must be: Minimum age of 18 years old
UK resident of more than 12 months
Own personal bank account from which a Direct Debit can be taken
Permanent employment, working minimum 16hrs per week
Self employed
Retired person
On disability allowance
Registered carer
Unemployed & ‘house person’ (with consent of co-habiting working partner) 
When do my repayments start?
Pay Monthly Your payments will begin one month after your garden room has been delivered / installed. Buy Now Pay Later Your payments will begin 6 months after your garden room has been delivered / installed.
Can I change my payment date?
You can change your payment date once you have received your welcome documents from Novuna Consumer Finance.
Can I make additional payments?
Yes, you can make additional payments to Novuna Consumer Finance at any time free of charge.
Can I change my Direct Debit details once my agreement is set up?
Yes, please contact Novuna Consumer Finance Customer Service team on 0344 375 5500 to discuss this in further detail.
How do I view my balance?
The quickest and easiest way for you to view your balance is by managing your Novuna Consumer Finance account online. Customers can create an account or access a pre-existing account at https://my.novunapersonalfinance.co.uk/oss2/customer/
Are there any arrangement fees or hidden extras for credit?
No. There are no arrangement fees or hidden extras.
Applying for finance
Our team will contact you to provide quotes and talk you through the application process. Should you wish to make an application the whole process takes minutes and is simple and secure. Once your finance agreement is approved, you will receive an email from Novuna Consumer Finance, explaining how to sign your agreement. Please read the agreement carefully checking that all the details are correct, then when happy you can...
How quickly will my finance application be approved?
All finance decisions are made within seconds, and our team will advise of the decision during your application call. If your application is “Referred” Novuna’s underwriting Team will need to review your application and may contact, you to request additional information. 
Once my application is approved, what happens next?
Once your application is approved you will receive an email from Novuna Consumer Finance confirming this and asking you to accept your agreement.Our team member will talk you through this during the call. 
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Patio Doors
What is the difference between patio and French doors?
Dating back 400-500 years, French doors are normally identified by the way they open. French doors usually operate on hinges and open out from your house or conservatory towards your garden. In contrast, patio doors operate on a sliding mechanism and move from side to side.
Why choose Eurocell for patio doors?
Eurocell has always led the way in patio doors design. For almost five decades, we’ve been one of the UK’s first choices when it comes to security, strength, and performance. Our commitment to sustainability, fast delivery times, and exceptional customer service ensures our customers continue to choose Eurocell for patio doors. Eurocell patio doors are famous for their long guarantees and high thermal performance. They are also rigorously tested...
How much do Eurocell patio doors cost?
Your final investment will depend on the size and style of your chosen doors. Our team is always on hand and happy to talk you through your options. Once you have chosen your style and size, we can provide a no-obligation quote for your consideration. Call us on 0300 333 6525.
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French doors
What is the difference between patio and French doors?
Dating back 400-500 years, French doors are normally identified by the way they open. French doors usually operate on hinges and open out from your house or conservatory towards your garden. In contrast, patio doors operate on a sliding mechanism and move from side to side.
What are the benefits of French doors?
Installing new UPVC French doors is a solid way to add value to your home. They provide an excellent source of natural light, outstanding energy efficiency, and all the security you need to keep your home safe. And because they open outwards, on warm days they are excellent for connecting your home to your garden and making the inside and outside feel at harmony.
What makes a door a French door?
French doors are normally identified by two things: first, they open on hinges out into the outdoors. And, secondly, French doors normally have a glass pane that stretches for most of the vertical length of the door. This is in line with the traditions of Renaissance architecture in the 16th and 17th century.
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Bi-fold doors
What is the difference between Aspect and Studioglide bi-fold doors?
Aspect bi-fold doors are made from UPVC and coordinate with our Logik and Modus range of UPVC windows. Studioglide bi-fold doors are made from aluminium, so they offer a different aesthetic to your property. Both are excellent choices. They are both guaranteed for 10 years, offer minimal sight lines, and are available in a range of attractive colours.
Are bi-fold doors secure?
Yes, all bi-fold doors from Eurocell are completely secure and tested to industry-recognised standards. UPVC Aspect bi-fold doors are accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and are Secure by Design approved. Both UPVC Aspect bi-fold doors and aluminium Studioglide bi-fold doors are tested to meet PAS24 security standards. And both choices come with a 10-year guarantee for long-term peace of mind.
Can bi-fold doors be triple-glazed?
Yes. Just let us know when you place your order and we’ll do the rest.
What is the maximum span of a Eurocell bi-fold door?
Aspect bi-folds can measure up to six metres wide and 2.3 metres high. For spans of more than six metres, multiple doors can be butt-jointed. Studioglide bi-folds can reach 6.5 metres in width and 2.5 metres in height. 
What is a bi-fold door threshold?
A bi-fold door threshold is a horizontal component at the bottom of a bi-fold door frame, separating interior and exterior spaces when closed. It prevents drafts, water, and insects from entering and ensures a smooth transition when the door is opened.
How much do bi-fold doors cost?
For an external bi-fold door, factors influencing cost include width, material (aluminium, wood, UPVC, or composite), door count, and glazing type (double glazed, triple glazed, laminated glass). Eurocell offers a complimentary quote service for bi-fold doors, ensuring accurate pricing information.
What are bi-fold doors?
Unlike conventional single-leaf doors, bi-fold doors consist of panels that smoothly fold open, maximising space utilisation. Operating from the centre, these sturdy doors offer unobstructed views and eliminate sliding door shuddering. Whether connecting indoor and outdoor spaces or creating room divisions, bi-fold doors provide unmatched flexibility and style. Explore Eurocell's range for an appealing, durable, and versatile door option.
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