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Doors FAQs

What is the difference between patio and French doors?
Dating back 400-500 years, French doors are normally identified by the way they open. French doors usually operate on hinges and open out from your house or conservatory towards your garden. In contrast, patio doors operate on a sliding mechanism and move from side to side.
Why choose Eurocell Home for your doors?
All Eurocell UPVC doors offer complete peace of mind. Long guarantees assure you of each door’s quality. Every door is manufactured in the UK, each installation is quality checked, and we offer national support to all our customers through our network of 215+ branches and 2,000+ team members. We also recycle huge amounts of uPVC and our products are consistently higher in recycled uPVC than most other manufacturers.
Does Eurocell provide door architrave and finishing touches?
Yes. We know the importance of getting all the little details right. That’s why our uPVC door architrave offers a guaranteed perfect colour-match with all Eurocell uPVC doors and windows. Eurocell door architraves are long lasting, easy to maintain and quick to install.
How much does installing new doors cost?
Every project is different and final costs depend on a range of factors. The type and style of your door, the size of door you need, the material it is made from, the glass features it contains and the locking systems it uses can all impact the final price. We are happy to provide you with a bespoke quote based on your exact requirements. 
What is the standard size of a front or back door?
Four different external door widths are common across the UK: 686mm (27"), 762mm (30"), 838mm (33") and 915mm (36"). The most common of those are 762mm and 838mm. In modern buildings, doors measuring 838mm are particularly common. That’s because doors of that size comply with regulations surrounding disability access.
What are the benefits of French doors?
Installing new UPVC French doors is a solid way to add value to your home. They provide an excellent source of natural light, outstanding energy efficiency, and all the security you need to keep your home safe. And because they open outwards, on warm days they are excellent for connecting your home to your garden and making the inside and outside feel at harmony.
What makes a door a French door?
French doors are normally identified by two things: first, they open on hinges out into the outdoors. And, secondly, French doors normally have a glass pane that stretches for most of the vertical length of the door. This is in line with the traditions of Renaissance architecture in the 16th and 17th century.
What is the difference between Aspect and Studioglide bi-fold doors?
Aspect bi-fold doors are made from UPVC and coordinate with our Logik and Modus range of UPVC windows. Studioglide bi-fold doors are made from aluminium, so they offer a different aesthetic to your property. Both are excellent choices. They are both guaranteed for 10 years, offer minimal sight lines, and are available in a range of attractive colours.
Are bi-fold doors secure?
Yes, all bi-fold doors from Eurocell are completely secure and tested to industry-recognised standards. UPVC Aspect bi-fold doors are accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and are Secure by Design approved. Both UPVC Aspect bi-fold doors and aluminium Studioglide bi-fold doors are tested to meet PAS24 security standards. And both choices come with a 10-year guarantee for long-term peace of mind.
Can bi-fold doors be triple-glazed?
Yes. Just let us know when you place your order and we’ll do the rest.
What is the maximum span of a Eurocell bi-fold door?
Aspect bi-folds can measure up to six metres wide and 2.3 metres high. For spans of more than six metres, multiple doors can be butt-jointed. Studioglide bi-folds can reach 6.5 metres in width and 2.5 metres in height. 
Why choose Eurocell for patio doors?
Eurocell has always led the way in patio doors design. For almost five decades, we’ve been one of the UK’s first choices when it comes to security, strength, and performance. Our commitment to sustainability, fast delivery times, and exceptional customer service ensures our customers continue to choose Eurocell for patio doors. Eurocell patio doors are famous for their long guarantees and high thermal performance. They are also rigorously tested...
How much do Eurocell patio doors cost?
Your final investment will depend on the size and style of your chosen doors. Our team is always on hand and happy to talk you through your options. Once you have chosen your style and size, we can provide a no-obligation quote for your consideration. Call us on 0300 333 6525.
Can I just change the door, or do I need a new frame too?
In most instances, it’s best to change the frame at the same time as the door. Old timber frames are susceptible to rotting and general degradation. Installing a new frame means you can get the very best security features, you can colour-match your door and frame for a modern, seamless look, and our installer can fit insulation around the frame to improve thermal performance, eliminate draughts, and lower your overall energy bills.
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