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Flooring and Skirting

Do you deliver plastic skirting boards?
Yes. Any order over £50 qualifies for free delivery across mainland England, Scotland, and Wales.
Are 135- or 150-degree angle jointing pieces available to buy?
No. You will need to mitre your Roomline skirting boards to achieve these angles. Mitre blocks are available from your local Eurocell branch.
How do I clean plastic skirting boards and architrave?
Roomline skirting boards and architrave are very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth. Simply wipe the boards and admire the finish. For stubborn marks, use a non-abrasive cream cleaner to help. We recommend SilverSil Cream Cleaner. Using chemical-based cleaners or abrasive materials is NOT recommended.
Can UPVC skirting boards hide cables?
Yes. The gasket on the bottom of Roomline skirting boards can hide low voltage speaker cables and telephone wires.
Do I need any special tools to fit UPVC skirting boards?
No. All you need is a pencil, saw, mitre saw and block, tape measure, contact adhesive, application gun, a fine-toothed saw.
Will I need a mitre block when I install plastic skirting boards?
Yes - but only to mitre the architraves. UPVC skirting boards don’t need a mitre block. Check your local Eurocell branch, or browse our online store, to find a suitable mitre block.
How do I fix the jointing pieces in UPVC skirting boards?
There’s nothing too complicated about this. Just use Eurocell superglue to fix the jointing pieces and you shouldn’t have any problems in the future.
Should I fit my UPVC skirting boards or laminate first?
If you’re planning to lay a new laminate or tiled floor, do this before you fit your Roomline skirting boards.
Should I fit my UPVC skirting boards or carpet first?
In any room where you plan to install a carpet, you should always install your UPVC skirting boards first. However, if the room already has a carpet fitted and you are simply looking to replace wooden skirting boards with new plastic skirting boards, don’t worry. Roomline skirting boards can be fitted over an existing carpet.
Can I start installing my plastic skirting boards from anywhere in the room?
No. Fitting Roomline UPVC skirting boards always follows the same pattern: start at the door opening and work around the room in a clockwise direction.
How do I install Roomline plastic skirting boards?
We always recommend you using Silversil Never Nails or standard building adhesives, both of which are available from your local Eurocell branch or through our online shop. Fix All High Tack is perfect for guaranteeing a superior performance.
What flooring is best for kitchens?
Malmo LVF Rigid Tiles, which is part of our luxury vinyl flooring range, is an ideal solution for all styles of kitchen. Hard wearing and slip proof, it is both quick to install and easy to maintain. It also comes with a 25-year domestic warranty (10 years in commercial settings) and is ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 certified. Each pack provides 1.37m2 of coverage from tiles measuring 457mm x 300mm x 5.5mm.
Where can I buy Roomline UPVC skirting and architraves?
All of our nationwide Eurocell branches stock Roomline UPVC skirting boards and architrave. You can visit any store or shop online with the option of either on-site delivery or click-and-collect.
In which colours is Roomline UPVC skirting board available?
Our plastic skirting boards are available in three enduringly stylish colours: White Satin, English Oak, and Anthracite Grey. So whether you’re looking to fit skirting in a traditional country cottage or a modern, fully-equipped new build, we’ve got the style for you.
What size(s) is the UPVC architrave?
Roomline architrave is available in 5.5m lengths with a height of 60mm. The DIY single door kit pack contains smaller lengths of 2.6m and 1.05m. (These lengths are not available to buy separately).
What size(s) is UPVC skirting board?
Roomline skirting boards are sold in 5m lengths. You can choose a height of either 100mm or 150mm. Your final decision is likely to be impacted by the style of the room in which you’re fitting your plastic skirting board.
What length does skirting board come in?
Roomline skirting boards are available in 5m lengths, with a height of 100mm or 150mm, depending on the style.
How much does skirting board cost?
The final cost depends on the style and quantity you need. Browse our full range to see the exact skirting board costs you’ll face for your next project.
Can you paint skirting boards?
No. The beauty of our Roomline UPVC skirting boards is that they require no painting whatsoever. That makes installation faster than ever. All you have to do is choose the style and colour that best suits your needs.
What is a skirting board?
A skirting board is a board fixed to an internal wall where the wall meets the floor. It is there to hide the meeting point of the wall and the floor, providing an aesthetically pleasing visual element rather than any rough edges that might otherwise be visible.
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