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Eurocell Home: A guide to measuring your doors and windows

Getting a quote for your new windows and doors is easier than ever, all you need to do is measure your existing windows and or doors. Not sure how to measure? See our instructions below. Don’t worry about being perfect, these instructions are designed to capture the basic measurements. All measurements should be taken in millimetres (mm) and you should start by taking the width measurement first, then the height. It helps to have assistance when measuring larger windows or doors.

Measuring windows

Width: From the inside of your home take your tape measure and measure the width including the frame and any extende

Height: Measure the height from cill to top of the frame

Measuring doors

Measuring doors is equally as simple, again take the width measurement first, then the height

Width: When measuring your door width from frame to frame

Height: Measure the height from the floor/threshold to the top of the door frame

Get your quote

If you are happy with the indicative quote provided, we will send one of our friendly, knowledgeable surveyors out to your property to check all measurements providing you with peace of mind that your windows and doors will fit.  

We allow a tolerance for differences in your measurements to ours, prices will be honoured within these. Only significant variances in measurements will result in a revised quote/price. 

If you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call a member of our Eurocell Home or get a quote here and our team who will be happy to help