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A Bold Claim To Make

11 December 2015

Dear Mr Bateman,

Some time ago I provided several businesses with a dimensioned drawing of a “P” shape conservatory roof requiring a box gutter, valley and gable end and it is surprising how often the shape specified was ignored in favour of a design to suit the seller. This resulted in a fairly straight forward project not moving forward and about to be shelved.

By chance the name Eurocell came into the frame and what a transformation.

For me, probably the defining moment to place an order with Eurocell was when Scott Brown at Thetford explained Eurocell will build the structure at Alfreton and when delivered all parts required will be present and fit together exactly. A bold claim to make which proved to be an accurate statement.

My sincere thanks go to those handling my order for their professional execution regarding design, engineering, assembly, marking, packaging and delivery.

In a previous life I’ve dealt with many businesses and delighted to let the CEO of Eurocell know this is a Company worthy of its product and service and a fine example for others to follow.

Kind regards and please relay my thanks to your team.

Yours sincerely


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