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BBA Certification Opens Up Even More Opportunities for Modus

21 April 2016

Modus BBAThe UK’s most advanced PVC-U profile system now boasts another impressive feature; certification from the The British Board of Agrément (BBA), the leading approval, certification and testing body for manufacturers of products and systems supplying the construction industry.

The mark of quality

BBA certification is recognised industry-wide as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It means that manufacturers and specifiers can be 100% sure they’re using a product that’s been tested to meet the strict requirements of building control, local authorities and insurers.

The ultimate tests for doors and windows

The tests carried out by the BBA are amongst the toughest in the industry and cover all aspects of a building component’s ability to do the job. They include:
  • Full systems testing in accordance with PAS 23-1: 1999 (including Annex D), PAS 24-1 2007 and BS 7950 : 1997
  • Testing, BFRC ratings and BBA-derived individual methods
  • Testing hardware for durability, endurance and corrosion
  • Testing profiles for durability, quality and strength
  • Weathertightness to BS 6375-1 : 2009
  • Performance characteristics to BS EN 14351-1 : 2006

The BBA is also UKAS accredited to carry out testing in accordance with a range of standards for the following properties and can carry out specified tests and documented in-house methods based upon the standards:
  • Air permeability to BS EN 1026 : 2000
  • Mechanical loading to BS 6375-2 : 1987 and 2009
  • Watertightness to BS EN 1027 : 2000
  • Wind resistance to BS EN 12210 : 2000
  • Thermal standards in accordance with BS EN ISO 12567-1: 2010 and BS EN ISO 12567-2 : 2000

Another good reason to choose Modus

The versatility of the Modus system already puts the system at top of the list for many window and door manufacturers and specifiers. Featuring clean and contemporary styling with slimmer sight lines, it’s an equally attractive profile in new developments or more traditional applications.

Outstanding energy efficiency

But it’s the leading thermal performance delivered by Modus that make this system the one of the hottest profiles available. Eurocell Modus was created following a £3million investment in research and development programme to create a profile that delivers industry-leading energy efficiency.

This objective was achieved with a profile that can help you achieve U-values as low as 0.7 and was one of the first systems to achieve an A++ Window Energy Rating. This is thanks to a triple-seal option that provides superb thermal performance and air tightness that exceeds Passivhaus standards.

Attractive savings

Modus also delivers cost savings in terms of manufacturer as well as energy bills because the system delivers more cost-effective triple-glazed specifications.

Quality without question

All of which means that you can now select Modus with no questions about quality or performance; in addition to complete confidence that it won’t let you down in terms of aesthetics or versatility.

Ian Kernaghan, Eurocell Product Design Manager is delighted that this flagship Eurocell UPVC profile has achieved BBA certification, saying: “Agrément Certificates are essential if a new product or system is to gain acceptance in the market place. Only those products that have passed the rigorous assessments involved – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production - can be awarded an Agrément Certificate, and that provides the reassurance the trade needs to specify something new.

“BBA certified products are recognised by building control, government departments, architects, specifiers and industry insurers like NHBC as mark of quality, safety and reliability. For new construction products especially, certification is vital if they are to make significant inroads into this competitive sector.

“Gaining BBA Approval means that house builders, specifiers and homeowners can confidently choose Modus windows and doors from Eurocell in the knowledge that regular independent third party inspections by the BBA are taking place to verify installed performance.”

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