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Bifold Fitting - Outside In

22 May 2015

The folding sliding door market is forecast to increase to over £100m by 2014 as more customers realise the benefits of ‘bringing the outside in’ – enhancing their lifestyle and adding value to their property in the process. Here Chris Coxon, Marketing Manager at Eurocell, shows how installing this type of door is easier than you think.

news_bifold_step1Step 1
Before installing the folding sliding door, check that the structural opening is cleared of dust and debris. Make sure that the DPC is in position and undamaged. Aspect folding sliding door is suitable for a maximum opening of 6m wide x 2.3m high.

news_bifold_step2Step 2
Measure and cut the base cill to size, glue the cill end caps on to the cill. Offer the base cill into the opening to check that it is level across its overall length before fixing to the aperture with a generous bead of silicone.

news_bifold_step3Step 3
Fix the traffic door handle and lock cylinder and then carefully lift the door into position making sure it is plum and square without twist.

news_bifold_step4Step 4
Fix the door into the opening using appropriate fixings. When fixing down the cill, ensure that screws are sealed to prevent water ingress. The slim-stepped outer frame on Aspect contains all the door hardware, which makes installation much easier because there’s no need to cut plaster or make alterations to the property to make sure the door fits.

news_bifold_step5Step 5
Once the door is fixed in position, check that the sashes operate correctly before beginning the glazing. The doors are available double glazed with a U-value performance of up to 1.3Wm²/K, or triple glazed with a U-value of 0.9Wm²/K. Each door has a built-in four-rail aluminium roller track so that it glides open or closed smoothly and effortlessly.

news_bifold_step6Step 6
Hinges can easily be adjusted by loosening off the two screws on each leaf and then sliding the adjuster peg to achieve lateral adjustment. Once this is done, tighten the screw to lock in position. The traffic door has adjustable keeps. Roller adjustment is achieved by loosening the two grub screws and then using a 5mm Allen key to make up to 10mm of vertical adjustment.

news_bifold_step7-2Step 7
The unique D-shaped handle allows the doors to fold back flatter, whilst including an intelligent anti-mishandling feature that stops the shoot bolt scraping across the floor. This also protects the bolts from being damaged and needing replacement – the main cause of repairs on folding sliding doors.

Fit the trim, which hides the seals between the door leaves and means customers won’t see a black line when they’re closed.

Job done! The first impression of Aspect is its ultra slim frame, which means a larger glazed area. That gives installers a valuable selling proposition – because flooding the property with natural light and an enhanced feeling of space creates a real ‘wow’ factor – giving you a much better chance of converting the sale.

With a 215% increase in the market size for folding sliding doors within the new build sector forecast by 2014 (24,200 installations, Palmer Market Research) and continued interest from homeowners, there’s never been a better time to take a look at this lucrative sector.

Aspect is supported by a full range of sales material including brochures, DVD’s and samples. It is available through Eurocell fabricators nationwide.

To find out how Aspect can help you win new business, call the Eurocell customer services team now on 0800 988 3047, or visit: www.eurocell.co.uk. Alternatively, email: press@eurocell.co.uk

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by Eurocell Online Team on August 11, 2017 at 16:15
Hi Yes, Aspect bi-fold doors can be fitted wither way, folding inside the room, or outside, whichever suits your needs.
by mr a wright on August 10, 2017 at 18:17
is it possible to have bifold doors opening inwoods

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