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Colour Vision

26 January 2015

Homeowners and developers are now placing greater importance on the selection of colour when it comes to doors and windows. Here, Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing at Eurocell, looks at how this is creating opportunities for fabricators and installers.

Colour is often a deciding factor when it comes to choosing windows and doors because it has such an important influence on the overall aesthetics of a building. Within this context, colour has always been used to influence and create mood and atmosphere, to change perception of a building and, where appropriate, to set it apart from neighbouring properties.

Bold colours are commonly used on internal walls to create striking and contemporary interiors. An increasing number of homeowners and developers are now using colour externally to create distinctive properties that stand out from the crowd. Planners, too, are placing greater emphasis on colour to avoid the uniform developments that once characterised the built environment.

As a result, we are seeing increased demand for coloured window profiles as owners look to make the building harmonious with, or deliberately distinct from nearby properties.

In fact, planning guidelines are driving demand, with larger developments having to incorporate elements of individuality into each property.

We have responded to this by introducing greater choice as part of our ‘Grow with colours’ range. This involved updating our standard range to include some exciting new colours such as Black Ash and Slate Grey, plus the ever popular Cream and Anthracite Grey – all available from stock. Alternatively, customers can choose from our Made to Order range, where the possibilities really begin to open up, with 30 different options. There’s a wide variety of woodgrain options from natural greens to cool greys, and blues. Even better, we’ve halved our made to order product lead time to just three weeks, combined with perfectly matched trims and roofline (standard range) in all our 130-plus branches.

Keeping up to date with current colour trends is a priority for us as we look to give customers a competitive edge and create new business opportunities for them. Take for instance Anthracite Grey, which is a perfect choice for modern commercial and retail builds or urban homes, especially those with a contemporary design and decor. Heritage colours, including the traditional Chartwell Green, are popular on refurbishment projects located in more rural areas. The timeless appeal of Irish Oak, which is a gentler shade than traditional Golden Oak, can accentuate the aesthetics of both new build and refurbishment projects.

On our new Modus profile system carries through this commitment to offer more choice with nine solid and woodgrain effect colours from stock. For a

differentiated, premium look, our Architectural range offered with Modus consists of three specially selected metallic options and a premier woodgrain finish - for an affordable touch of class to any development.

Business gains

Of course, when it comes down to it, fabricators need to know that offering an extended range of colours is going to help them grow sales. This was aptly illustrated on a development in Devon, which was supplied by our Heathfield-based fabricator Sliding Doors and Windows.

Farrow & Ball aficionados may well recognise the colour of the Eurologik windows, which were chosen by the developer and planners because they closely matched a palette from this traditional paint manufacturer. After meeting with the developer, our new build team was asked to match the Eurologik profile to Farrow & Ball’s heritage shades and we managed to identify a close match from our ‘Grow with Colours’ range.

As with many other planning departments, they wanted to create a development that retained its own distinctive identity. In effect, creating a community where no two properties are exactly the same. What they most definitely didn’t want was 120 properties that all looked the same – and neither did potential homebuyers.

The timely introduction of an extended range of foil colours meant that the sales team from Sliding Doors and Windows were able to present a selection of suitable profile colours to the developer at a subsequent meeting.

They liked the look of the windows so much that the developer took the decision to overturn the timber windows originally specified and replace them with our Eurologik profile system. The profile colours chosen were Chartwell Green, Moondust Grey and Cream from our new foil range. This is just one example of how offering a greater choice of colours can lead to new business opportunities.

This particular development isn’t a one-off either, more housebuilders and homeowners are choosing coloured profiles for ‘street scenes’, in order to avoid the uniformity resulting from windows, brickwork and roof designs all being exactly the same.

Homeowners are often unfairly characterised as preferring more conservative, muted colours and for that read ‘white’. However, this isn’t always the case – developers wouldn’t be doing it in the first place if potential buyers didn’t like it - the world is definitely getting more colourful!

To find out why coloured profiles represent a growing market as more homeowners and developers seek something a little different, call 0300 333 6525

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