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Derby 10k Training - Part 1

3 March 2017

east-midlands-air-ambulanceOver the next few weeks we will be writing about our preparations for running the Derby 10k, as Team Eurocell, raising money for East Midlands Air Ambulance.

Number 1 - Ross Fairhurst, Eurocell Digital Communications Coordinator. Expected finish time - Late May 2017

It’s fair to say running doesn’t come naturally to me – I’m no Forrest Gump, put it that way. Many think that I chose to become a Goalkeeper in my younger years due to my insanely good reflexes and unbounded agility. However, it was more a case that I’d quickly worked out that you had to run a great deal less between the posts than in the more glamorous positions further up the pitch.

Honestly, I have never seen the fun in running. If I ever wanted to get somewhere quickly then a car would seem a more logical option, right? I would scoff at those rocking scientifically measured footwear, running seemingly in aimless circles, especially when they would tell me that they actually *enjoy* running, and do it for fun.

Derby10k-RossSo when it was suggested that our team at Eurocell run in the Derby 10k event for East Midlands Air Ambulance, I recoiled in horror as every member of the team agreed, one by one, to run the event. I couldn’t be the spoilsport that lets the team down, could I? I could lie about having legs made out of Weetabix, like Daniel Sturridge, but that would go completely against my moral code.

So, I was left in the position of having never seriously run and being horrendously unfit, but with the spectre of running 10k in a little over 8 weeks looming above me. I needed a plan, and like all good plans it started on Google (other search engines are available). An 8 week “Couch to 10k” plan you say? Just 4 runs a week over 8 weeks with the culmination being the Derby 10K. I can do this, surely?

How hard can it be?

My first week of preparations has involved four outings mixing small bursts of running and walking. So far I can report that as expected, I still find it baffling that people lie, pretending they enjoy running!

In my wisdom and in my quest for efficiency (that’s the way I put it to my manager) I saw an opportunity to combine two chores at the same time. By running with my dog, Izzy, at the weekend. I could avoid walking the dog separately and then enjoy more “recovery” time – “Recovery” meaning curling up weeping on the sofa with whatever repeat offering Challenge TV can offer, Takeshi’s Castle preferably.

In the beginning, this worked a treat. For the first three minutes that is, until Izzy decided she needed to relieve herself, thereby putting a temporary hold on proceedings. We restarted, my mojo lost, and continued our journey unabated. However one of us had clearly not researched the route, which was evident at a fork in the road where one of us went left and the other went right! Harsh words were exchanged between us and after trudging home it was decided never to speak of or attempt it again.

Other than that it wasn’t too bad a start – (I’m still alive!) but there’s still a long, long way to go.

I’ll keep you posted, unless this foolhardy phase does actually kill me.

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east-midlands-air-ambulanceThe Derby 10k takes place on April 9th and all proceeds raised by Eurocell go directly to East Midlands Air Ambulance.

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