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Derby 10k Training - Part 3

10 March 2017

east-midlands-air-ambulanceOver the next few weeks we will be writing about our preparations for running the Derby 10k, as Team Eurocell, raising money for East Midlands Air Ambulance.

Number 3 - Jo Langton, Eurocell Profiles Marketing Manager. Expected finish time - Sub 50 minutes.

So, it’s now my turn, the one who is eagerly, desperately, urgently, frantically looking forward to completing my ultimate target in life, reaching out for and meeting that finish line… in finding love.

This is how my interest in running started, by joining a running club. I thought this was the ideal way, to find love. The most perfect way to meet that special person, blissfully running, looking splendid, with my tousled hear flowing, I could meet my Prince Charming. In reality, after my first run, I realised I was wearing the most unflattering, tight, sweaty lycra, had a beetroot red face and was so out of breath I was unable to string a cohesive sentence together.

Derby-10k-jo-2But hey, I persevered.

I first started running in the winter. Dragging myself off the sofa on a cold, miserable, wet Tuesday evening was a challenge, but once I met everyone at the running club, I felt a little more positive. It turned out to be a great way to burn off calories, meet some fab, friendly people and get some fresh air into my lungs.

My first run was a huge challenge. With every step I took it felt like running through treacle, my legs telling me to stop and my mind telling me I was about to die! But by the end I’d convinced myself that things could only get better, and you never know, I may even meet that Prince I was searching for! I battled through and each week my run felt a little easier, the hills didn’t seem so steep, the miles didn’t seem like an eternity and my breathing calmed down after the initial mile.

One day I suddenly thought, ‘I actually quite enjoy this!’ Something I’d never in a million years thought I’d experience, I actually enjoyed running.

Gradually, over time, I have built up the miles, increased my speed (slightly) and now aim to cover off roughly 15 miles per week, each mile casually looking around to see if that handsome chap is lurking, whilst thinking to myself I look like the Goddess of Derby! (Until I look in a mirror when I’m home and realise I look like a beef tomato ready to explode!)

It was whilst sat at work one day, we had a conversation about entering a 10k race, and I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted to enter an organised event, yet never been brave enough. So whilst the opportunity was there, I took it! Even more so because we can raise some money for a great cause along the way. I am currently trying to work on increasing my distance and speed during my runs, but loving the challenge along the way. I have taken part in a few park runs as preparation, which are a super way of tracking my time, along with runs at the weekend and during the evenings.

It turns out, I do actually quite enjoy running and look forward to squeezing into my lycra leggings, popping on my trainers and blasting out some tunes whilst covering a few miles around the Derbyshire area. I always used to look at people running as I drove past and think ‘I wish I could do that’, and here I am now, able to do it… just about!

So, it’s fingers crossed for race day, I’m really looking forward to it, albeit a little nervous. Unfortunately, I’m still looking for love, but I have managed to find another love along the way, my love for running.

Good luck to all the lovely peeps running the 10k with me! x

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east-midlands-air-ambulanceThe Derby 10k takes place on April 9th and all proceeds raised by Eurocell go directly to East Midlands Air Ambulance.

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