Derby 10k Training - Part 4

21 March 2017

east-midlands-air-ambulanceOver the next few weeks we will be writing about our preparations for running the Derby 10k, as Team Eurocell, raising money for East Midlands Air Ambulance.

Number 4 - David Knight, Eurocell plc Web Manager. Expected finish time - hopefully.

I’ve always been a runner.

OK, not always, I had to learn to walk first. Let me start again...

running-dave-knightI’ve been a runner for a long time.

As a child of the 70’s, there was nothing else to do, and central heating didn’t come to Derby until 1984, so in the cold winters we had to heat ourselves.

In the 80’s I developed a deep dislike of public transport, so I’d run. I’d run to my friend’s house, I’d run into town. In the immortal words of the Patron Saint of Runners, Forrest Gump, ‘If I was going anywhere, I WAS RUNNING!’

I ran for my school, going all over the region with my Gola trainers. I joined Derby Athletic Club, until I had to pay my own subs. I even ran a couple of marathons, starting 100m after everybody else, and finishing before entering the final straight, because I was under age.

The 90’s was different. Running took a back seat to my new friends, Mr Lager and Carter USM (ask your dad). I ran less, drank more and regretted nothing.

In the noughties, after a semi-serious health ‘issue’ I took to the streets again. But something was different. I’d ache in places I didn’t know could ache. I broke parts of myself I couldn’t spell. It seemed that every new run brought new pain. With horror, I reached a conclusion that we all eventually arrive at. I realised that I WASN’T YOUNG ANY MORE.

In-fact since turning 40, I’ve spent more time recovering from post run injuries, than getting fit again. I regularly strained calf muscles. I suffered a nasty stress fracture two months before I was due to run the London Marathon. I even broke my collar bone. To be honest the last one can’t be blamed on running. The fault there lies solely with my labrador, Lola, and my lack of spatial awareness.

So, it’s with trepidation that I’ve entered the Derby 10k 2017 with Team Eurocell. It’s a run I’ve done a lot before, but not for 6 years now. This is the most concerted spell of training I’ve been through since then, and every run has been approached with extreme caution.

I’ve finally learned the value of a proper warm-up routine. More importantly, I’ve learned how vital a proper warm-down routine is. My un-cooperative calf’s have, mostly, remained calm. My aging frame is keeping me upright, for now. And you know what? I feel pretty good. For all the mileage on my clock, it feels like there’s still a few laps left.

I know I’ll never run the same distances that I once could. My last half marathon was, probably, my last half marathon – and that’s fine. I’m happy now to slow down, run for fun and enter the Derby 10k again.

We’re raising money for the East Midlands Air Ambulance, so every strain and every pain is worth it. And if my legs raise a little white flag screaming, ‘enough’s enough, Dave,’ then at least I’ll be going down with one last ‘up-yours’ to the ageing process.

Running, when you think about it, is pretty daft. But like Forrest says, ‘stupid is as stupid does’. I’m not actually sure what that means, but bring on April 9th, 9am!
If you missed them you can catch up on all our training updates here.

east-midlands-air-ambulanceThe Derby 10k takes place on April 9th and all proceeds raised by Eurocell go directly to East Midlands Air Ambulance.

To sponsor us please head over to our Just Giving page here.

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