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Derby 10k Training - Part 5

24 March 2017

east-midlands-air-ambulanceOver the next few weeks we will be writing about our preparations for running the Derby 10k, as Team Eurocell, raising money for East Midlands Air Ambulance.

Number 5 - Lee Robinson, Senior Product Category Manager. Expected finish time - blasting through in under 35 minutes.

Lee-robinson-runningAs one of the more experienced (seasoned/older) members of the marketing team and with only three weeks to go to the big event, suffice to say juggling a hefty commute from the Potteries with a seven year old, four year old, and a baby has had its challenges. But as of now I'm up to the four mile mark. As a regular runner over ten years ago, I’m totally out of practice, and went into this feeling slightly concerned I’d be like an even more run-down version of Logan, Hugh Jackman’s latest incarnation of a run-down Wolverine.

Living near Stoke I’ve had to contend with lots of Cold and Wet runs, with the quiet interrupted by the odd supped up Subaru Impreza hitting ridiculous speeds and shattering the silence.

In my first run, I started out with a gentle mile walk, followed up by about a 2 mile run accompanied by my seven year old daughter, Anna. Realising she’s not going to be able to join me on a 9pm run I then needed to get geared up for some late and cold runs. I forgot, on the first run, what heat rash can be like on my legs, but thankfully this didn’t return after my second run.

The next few weeks I will be stepping up the frequency, concentrating on quality over quantity so far (with a weekend off due to my brother in law's stag do).

Now with the extra training planned, hopefully I’ll not keel over, but instead be able to harness my inner Hugh Jackman rather than John Goodman. Having been christened (affectionately, I think) the Beast of Biddulph as the team liked the ring to it, I need to ensure I am in peak(ish) performance for the big day!

If you missed them you can catch up on all our training updates here.

east-midlands-air-ambulanceThe Derby 10k takes place on April 9th and all proceeds raised by Eurocell go directly to East Midlands Air Ambulance.

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