Derby 10k Training - Part 6

28 March 2017

east-midlands-air-ambulanceThe preparations for running the Derby 10k on April 9th continue, as Team Eurocell raise money for East Midlands Air Ambulance.

harnik-bolla-10k-2Number 6 - Harnik Bolla, Eurocell Building Plastics Marketing Manager. Expected finish time - Do I HAVE to finish it all?

If you've been keeping tabs on our training updates and you've got this far then hats off to my colleagues who've gone before me in doing a great job in keeping you entertained enough to come back for this 6th instalment.

Being completely honest with you all I'm not quite sure how I've ended up agreeing to a 10k run. I seem to have been dragged (very unwillingly should I add) into running it as I can't actually recall the moment I said yes to taking part. I was thinking of playing the bullying card to try and get out of it but I’m not so sure it’ll wash now! But hey, it's for a great cause and if it goes a small way to helping others in their times of need then I’m happy to help.

Our office has got to be one of the most unfit teams ever to enter a 10k run as every day seems to be some sort of treat day in the office. If it isn't packets of biscuits, bars of chocolate and share bags of crisps laid out on our communal table of shame it's chicken wings, burgers and fries - some of us have even been known to smash nine samosas on special occasions!

It's safe to say we've cut back lately to help us train but I'm sure we'll return to form once the run is over. In fact, we're such a team of foodies there’s even talk of going to an 'all you can eat world buffet' straight after the run, yes straight after, even skipping on showers with all that unlimited food on offer in town!

I'm not and never have been a runner so this is all alien to me. My 'skills' have always been best deployed playing any sport that required lots of kicking and chasing! Some of my favourite football memories are from the playground playing with a tennis ball as that’s all we had, we'd just make do with whatever we could get our hands on... In primary school we even played football with bottle tops if we’d lost our ball!

In terms of my preparation (or should I say lack of!) I was last to the party, starting my training programme late and so far only managing a few runs, which have totally justified my regret in signing up in the first place!

My first run hurt and I seemed to walk a lot of it. Things haven’t got much better since. I’ve added music to my runs to help me get through the boredom so getting a chance to actually listen to new albums and playlists IN FULL has become the best part of running for me.

You see, it’s not that I’m massively unfit, I'm not! You can put me on a football pitch and I’m fine, or throw me in a swimming pool and I’ll swim length after length! The issue for me is simple. I just find running utterly boring, monotonously planting your feet one ahead of the other whilst trying to work through the pain of shin splints and old football injuries – and to say some people actually enjoy this? Incredible!

I go back to the school cross-country runs which used to beat me every time and yes you guessed it I was always, without fail, one of the very last to finish.

I can't see anything changing at the 10k, so watch this space...

If you missed them you can catch up on all our training updates here.

east-midlands-air-ambulanceThe Derby 10k takes place on April 9th and all proceeds raised by Eurocell go directly to East Midlands Air Ambulance.

To sponsor us please head over to our Just Giving page here.

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