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Eurocell Cavity Closer Gains BBA Certification

2 April 2007

Eurocell Profiles Ltd, describes how the company’s recent achievement of BBA certification on its Cavity Closer System will help fabricators meet the latest expectations of public sector specifiers.

“The British Board of Agrément is the UK's major approval body for new construction products and BBA Certificates are recognised by specifiers and industry decision-makers as evidence that the products covered by them have been rigorously assessed and comply with Building Regulations. Most new build projects now require products that are fitted to be BBA certified and some local authorities and housing associations will only specify products that have achieved this standard. The BBA certificate recently awarded on our cavity closer contains important information on durability and installation requirements ensuring that the product follows stringent and assessed procedures all the way from the factory to final handover on site.

So why should a specifier choose a product that is BBA certified?

The simple answer is that all BBA certified products have undergone thorough assessment from the point of production to the way they are installed on site. For instance, with our Cavity Closer System we were able to use the feedback from the BBA assessors who visited sites and reported how installers fitted the product to help us develop and improve our system. The feedback we received was very positive and demonstrated that we have created a Cavity Closer that enables quick and easy installation. Installers particularly rated its quick fit Spring Clip system that ensures the frame can be easily mounted into the Closer.

Testing testing

Before its release to the market the Cavity Closer System underwent rigorous testing procedures for air and water penetration, along with material and fit for purpose tests. Our technical department plays a vital role in enabling us to bring new innovations to market much quicker so that our fabricators can benefit from being able to offer customers the most energy efficient solutions as well as cutting edge designs.

Creating a competitive edge

BBA certification on Cavity Closers provides a definite marketing edge for our fabricators. However, this is not the only advantage. As the Cavity Closer is designed to meet all the latest Building Regulations it helps to eliminate cold bridging around window and door openings, ensuring compliance with the latest guidance on thermal performance. The ventilated head section also eliminates the need for routing through the frame or sash whilst also ensuring adequate ventilation is provided in line with Building Regulation requirements.

Cavity Closers are also highly flexible to meet a project’s requirements and enable quick and easy installation on site. The system is designed to be compatible with most of the major windows systems on the market, including timber windows. We also designed our system so that it can be supplied to site pre-assembled or in flat pack form – a useful option depending if speed or storage is an issue on site.

Cavity Closers also allow greater flexibility over traditional methods, as it enables the windows to be fitted at a much later stage in the build process. As any installer knows there is a great deal of risk of damage to windows during construction, particularly where windows are specified pre-glazed. When it comes to finally fitting the window, the Cavity Closer System can be fitted from the inside, which not only increases site safety but also means the window can be installed to meet build schedules, rather than waiting for any outside obstructions to be removed!

Once fitted, the Cavity Closer also acts as a damp proof course around the window, which eliminates any moisture problems that may have developed. On new build sites, this can be a major selling point as local authorities and contractors recognize the benefits of using Cavity Closers for added peace of mind.

Increase chance of specification

Many new build sites now require all products that are fitted to have BBA certification, likewise many more councils and local authorities will only specify products that can demonstrate this accreditation. As a company we are committed to gaining BBA certificates on as many of our products as possible and the Cavity Closer is the latest in a list of window and door products that have already achieved this standard.

Gaining BBA certification not only gives our fabricators a marketing edge, it also ensures a speedy and accurate fit and robust performance of the product on site. With benefits to both the builder and specifier, Cavity Closer Systems look set to continue their increase in popularity and our fabricators look set to reap the rewards.”

For more information visit the website or contact the technical department on 01773 837490

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