Eurocell Committed To Being Environmentally Sustainable

8 July 2007

Eurocell Profiles Ltd describes how the company’s recent achievement of ISO 14001 is all part of its commitment to running an environmentally sustainable business.

“ISO 14001 is the international standard for Environmental Management Systems and clearly demonstrates to shareholders, customers and employees that we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

Achieving the standard is no mean feat and takes a great deal of dedication from all levels within an organisation. It has also provided us with a formal framework that enables us to deliver measures that reduce waste, increase recyclability and, as a result, have a more positive effect on the environment. This can only be done by developing an environmentally responsible culture within a company.

We have clearly demonstrated this and have made a firm commitment to the recycling of waste, reduction of packaging requirements, reducing energy usage, improving water treatment facilities and focusing on combustion engine emissions. The scheme has also helped reduce power consumption across all facilities including production plant, distribution and offices.

Consumers too are becoming much more aware of the need to source products that are less harmful to the environment. Our dedication to using as much recycled product as possible will see us working with our recycling partner Ecoplas to collect, sort and recycle used PVCu windows, wherever this is economically viable. Providing this service will ensure that less product ends as waste material, therefore reducing the burden on landfill.

The environmental agenda is also high priority for most local authorities, so by achieving the ISO 14001 standard means we can demonstrate how our PVCu helps them meet their own waste and environmental standards. This will enable our fabricators to demonstrate to their customers that by working in partnership with Eurocell they too are committed to environmentally responsible practices.

Within our manufacturing operation we have the ability to recycle 100% of our waste window profile.

Any material that we cannot use ourselves is sold for use in other applications. The great thing about the recycling process we have developed is that it does not compromise on product quality, which is vitally important as we continue to strive to provide the very best, most innovative products.

Being environmentally responsible actually makes sound business sense because it allows us to focus even more on production efficiencies and usage of materials. This not only helps us to remain competitive in the market place, but also means we use less raw materials in addition to consuming less energy.

We are committed not only to achieving good environmental practices ourselves but also to assisting our fabricators with achieving theres....

What do Eurocell do to help fabricators meet environmental requirements? – ask Eurocell

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