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Eurocell Launch On Isle Of Wight

18 September 2007

Spotting a new business opportunity is often all about timing and M&B Trading Ltd appear to have judged this just right when Managing Director Michael Turner decided to set up as a fabricator on the Isle of White.

I had previously supplied windows onto the Isle of White from a fabricator based on the mainland. At the time I realized that there was a lack of choice on the island and felt that there was a very good opportunity for a fabricator that could provide quality products on the island backed up by exceptional service levels. At the time this just started as an idea but what made it into a reality was the support and back up we received from Eurocell.

We decided to go with Eurocell because we liked the quality of their systems and also the fact that they really seem to understand this business which was really important. When we approached them the timing was perfect because they were also looking to extend their network of depots to the Isle of White. It therefore seemed too good an opportunity to miss and we proposed that in addition to becoming a fabricator we could also set up the EBP on the island. As it turned out the combination was ideal; we were able to offer a complete fabrication service along with the full range of roofline products.

Once we had set up our business the results were beyond our expectations. During our first year we were the fastest growing fabricator within the Eurocell business. We put this success down to being very clear about what we wanted to achieve. This was to become the fabricator of choice on the island as this was something that didn’t exist when we first set up. We knew this because I had supplied windows from the mainland previously which with the extended leadtimes and freight costs obviously wasn’t idea for customers. Our approach was to focus on offering quality door and window systems backed up by a complete installation service. We also wanted to cover both the new build and home improvement market.

In terms of choosing the product from Eurocell our main objective was that it was one that appealed to the customer and for us that meant going with the 60mm system. This was ideal because it suited both the new build and home improvement market. The fact that it was also available in a range of colours including rosewood and light oak was a bonus. Interestingly we have also recently had a few enquiries for cream and already this has resulted in an order.

Looking to the future we believe that there are many more opportunities if we continue focusing on our core strengths of quality, marketing and service. In terms of the market there is still a tremendous amount of activity on the island both in the new build and home improvement sectors. We believe that colour will increase in popularity as all areas of the market look at ways of adding value and differentiating there properties. Our EBP sales also look set to go from strength to strength and it is a great service we offer to contractors and installers who need products. It is also a great marketing tool when we can promote the fact that they can also pick up their bespoke windows at the same time.

The pressures within the market are also creating many opportunities and one area in particular that is high on the decision is thermal efficiency. This should create some tremendous opportunities for continuing our phenomonal growth as the market seeks to meet the latest legislation.

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