Eurocell Managers Test Installation Of IQ750

8 June 2007

It’s not often that you get 75 depots managers together in the same place on the same day, but then again this was no ordinary day out for the Eurocell Building Plastics’ team. What was even more unusual was to see so many people dressed in bright green ‘IQ750’ T-shirts, which reflected the colourful branding of Eurocell’s innovative new roofing system. The venue was the National Self Build Centre in Swindon and the purpose was to launch the new IQ750 modular low-pitch conservatory roof kit to Eurocell Building Plastic depots.

Eurocell has always believed in the importance of training its depot staff as they provide that essential interface with the customer. Being able to offer useful advice and guidance is therefore vitally important. To be able to sell the product to installers, depot staff must believe in it and that means much more than just stocking a box on a shelf. They must be able to understand how it was designed, how it fits together and to answer any questions that installers may have about its benefits.

Eurocell Building Plastics explain: “The best way to give our team a real appreciation and understanding of how IQ750 works was to get them to build the modular roofing system for themselves. Bearing in mind that none of the depot team had seen the product before, their quick grasp of the system gave us great confidence that it will bring huge benefits for installers.

“We organised two teams of four on each roof pod. The first team would fit the roof and the second team would then dismantle it, for which we allowed one and a half hours. To our surprise and delight, most teams had installed then dismantled the roof in less than 45 minutes. We asked them to repeat the task but this time with the dismantling team doing the fitting, again with positive results.”

So what is it about the new IQ750 that makes the roof so easy to assemble?

The fact that Eurocell developed the system in consultation with over 100 installers means that the resulting product is extremely easy to fit. One of the reasons why the depot teams completed the task so quickly was because all the components are cut to size and pre-drilled ready for rapid assembly on site. Eurocell even supplies a free fixing kit including screwdriver drill bit, 10mm socket attachment and a 3mm drill bit. Each component is carefully provided in numbered packs with simple step by step instructions, which means the modular roofing system is one of the easiest to fit on the market.

The roofing pods used by the teams had a 2.5 degree pitch, which is representative of the large numbers of conservatories fitted for bungalows or beneath second floor windows where there is a height restriction. On IQ750 the 2.5˚ pitch is unique because it is supplied with a 3m and 4m ‘off the shelf’ firring pack which is a great way to speed up fitting and installers are recommended to choose this option wherever possible. All roof pitches including 2.5˚, 5˚, 7.5˚ and 10˚ are also supplied with a fully sculptured eaves beam trim on all three sides which adds greater consumer appeal.

And what was the feedback from these first-time installers?

Eurocell’s depot managers reported a good response to the new product with several elements scoring highly. The easy-slide single and double fixing studs for easy movement and adjustment of the rafter bars to 750mm centres were considered a great help. Similarly, the fully sculptured eaves beam end cap and patented rafter end caps, supplied as standard on all kits, gained strong support. This was mainly due to the fact that they simply clip into the rafter using a ‘living hinge’ construction, without the need for a rafter end plate or fixing screws. They also look great too.

Eurocell’s depots are also stocking the 32mm Opal Polycarbonate which achieves a U-value of 1.4 allowing installers to demonstrate its excellent insulative properties. Homeowners will also be impressed with the amount of natural light the panels let into the conservatory which is again helped by the wider 750mm modules.

Lunch time on the special launch day gave the teams a chance to review the new roofing system and the overall feeling was extremely positive. One aspect that dominated the conversation was how easy it was to fit and depot managers expressed their readiness for demonstrating it to installers.

The second part of the day focused on the service aspects of the IQ750. As it will be available ex-stock from all 75 Eurocell Building Plastics depots, it is important that depots were prepared for the type of questions they may encounter from installers. Eurocell’s Area Sales Manager demonstrated in a role-play situation how to answer these queries, how to get across the benefits that it will save time and money and what the real aesthetic benefits are for the homeowner.

“The general feeling at the end of the day was one of excitement. The depots recognised the opportunity and huge fitting benefits the new IQ750 modular roof offered to installers.

“Backed up with a range of brochures, giving the benefits, and comprehensive and simple to follow fitting instructions, our depots are now fully armed and ready to demonstrate this innovative new system to installers. It’s also worth installers looking out for our new ‘Wall plate fixing height calculator.’ Simply turn the dial to the IQ750 roof pitch and conservatory projection to give an instant calculation of where the wall plate needs to be fixed above the conservatory frames – it really couldn’t be easier. Having the stock available in our national network of depots also represents our commitment to installers.”

So did the day achieve what it set out to? The whole event was neatly summed up by one of the depot managers:

“We came here today expecting to see just another modular conservatory roof system but were completely taken aback at the benefits of IQ750. We can’t wait to show how our installers how much easier and quicker it is to fit.”

IQ750 is now available in Eurocell depots, although green t-shirts are not mandatory for installers!

For more information visit the website or contact Eurocell on 01773 837490.

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