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Eurocell Meets ISO 14001

10 April 2007

Eurocell Profiles Ltd, a leading supplier of window, door and conservatory systems has recently achieved ISO 14001 accreditation the international standard for environmental performance.

The award is one of the strongest independent pieces of evidence available to show that the company adheres to strict environmental policies and procedures in all areas of its business. It also shows the companies commitment to helping its fabricator base as they enter new areas that require them to demonstrate environmental credentials.

The company achieved the award by taking proactive measures to reduce the amount of waste and energy usage across the entire site. The process, which involved the commitment of the entire workforce at all levels involved achieving demanding targets including packaging requirements, reducing energy usage, improving water treatment facilities and focusing on combustion engine emissions. The scheme has also helped reduce power consumption across all facilities including production plant, distribution and offices.

As part of its commitment to ISO 14001, Eurocell ensure that all waste that can be recycled now enters a managed and audited process in the facility – from product packaging to cups from the water fountain – resulting in a large reduction in waste that the company sends to landfill sites.

Eurocell will continue to make improvements against specific targets to meet overall environmental objectives which will also help drive forward the efficient use of raw materials. Eurocell Profiles Ltd uses an aspect table to continually set new targets and monitor future areas for improvement.

Trevor Reybold Eurocell’s Quality Manager explains: “We have already achieved several of these goals and look set to make even more improvements in the next few months. The whole process enables us to build, define and maintain the ISO14001 achievement we have already made.”

Trevor adds: “Our goal was to reduce our impact on the environment by focusing on sustainable methods of running our business. Achieving ISO14001 not only demonstrates how we are adding value to our customers and employees but also shows our commitment to the environment locally and globally.”

At a time when sustainability and environmental issues are of increasing importance achieving this accreditation shows Eurocell’s commitment to good environmental policies and practices.

For more information visit the website or contact Eurocell on 01773 837490.

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