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Eurocell Patio Door Handles Security On Part Q

16 November 2016

Developed by Eurocell to meet the security standards laid out by Approved Document Q of the Building Regulations, the Euroslide patio door suite enables house builders and developers to provide home buyers and owners with the benefits of high aesthetic, high performance patio doors while reducing the risks from housebreaking or burglars.

The first patio door to meet the recently introduced and stringent security standard, Euroslide is an easily fitted in-line PVC-U patio door that, when fabricated to PAS24 standards, automatically conforms to Part Q and so is suitable for any development subject to Building Control such as new build and large extensions. This regulatory change, which came into force in October 2015, places a new requirement on all new build installations and those that have a change of use in England and Wales to demonstrate compliance with PAS24:2012 or Secured by Design accreditations.

Euroslide PartQIt sets out what it describes as ‘reasonable standards’ for doors and windows in new dwellings to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar, by being both sufficiently robust and fitted with appropriate hardware.

Euroslide incorporates a fully-fabricated aluminium interlock with a three-point locking mechanism that has three pairs of 304-grade stainless steel interlock protectors and is operated by a small ergonomically-designed lever located just 900mm above the floor.

The height of the lever is an important feature, enabling it to be used easily by everyone including wheelchair users –– which means that the door meets the guidelines set out in the Lifetime Homes initiative, where still relevant – and also meets the trend towards increasingly ‘multi-generational’ dwellings. An added advantage to this versatile system is that it can be installed with the company’s low threshold to comply fully with Part M access requirements – also overhauled in October 2015 after the Government’s Housing Standards Review.

Other features that make an Eurocell Euroslide patio door fabricated to PAS24 standards such an effective barrier to intruders include a heavy-duty door sash reinforcement to protect against forced entry and high winds and an anti-lift fixture that stops intruders lifting panes out of the door frame – a common weak spot in traditional door and window design. The design ensures that intruders cannot reach any of the gaskets and sealants to gain entry because they are applied from the inside.

As with any Eurocell PVC-U product, Euroslide has an exact colour-match guarantee, so that the colour is precisely matched to all Eurocell window, door and conservatory roof products, creating a co-ordinated, consistent look across any property.

Euroslide is normally manufactured with a white internal finish to maintain a bright, fresh interior, but some colours are available on both sides from stock. White, golden oak, anthracite grey, rosewood, and black ash are supplied with a white interior finish while cream, rosewood, golden oak and Irish oak are available with matching finishes externally and internally.

In common with all Eurocell PVC-U systems, Euroslide patio doors are designed using the very latest CAD systems, integrated with state of the art fabrication tools. Every joint is fusion welded for strength, every main profile is multi-chambered to improve drainage and thermal performance and steel or aluminium reinforcing sections increase rigidity and durability. The result is market-leading quality, accuracy and consistency backed by a full, 10 year guarantee on all Euroslide products.

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