How To Save Money On UPVC Windows And Doors.

16 June 2016

shopping around for UPVC windowsReplacing your UPVC windows and UPVC doors is likely to involve a significant investment on your part.

Not a second mortgage, exactly, but certainly several thousand pounds if you live in an average sized house and upwards of £10,000 if you have a larger property.

No-one wants to cut corners on quality, of course, but there are still ways you can keep costs down while maintaining the highest of standards in the finished job.

And perhaps the one that make that can make the biggest difference is your choice of installer.

Independent installers, in depth.

When it comes to finding an installer for your new UPVC windows and doors, big isn’t necessarily best. We’ve all seen the big TV campaigns publicising well-known names that try and convince us they’re the ones to choose for windows, conservatories and doors.

Given a choice, though, most of us would rather choose a company for the quality of their work rather than the quality of their advertising. But where do you go to find impartial advice on the right local firms? What questions should you ask when quoting and who can you really trust?

This quick guide aims to answer these questions and make it easy for you to find a quality, value for money local UPVC installer.

You can quote us on this.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you receive a quote from more than one installer, ideally three. We would always recommend choosing a reputable local installer over a national name, though it may be worth including a big player on your list for comparison’s sake. Beware though, certain larger companies won’t just quote and forget. They’ll keep in touch for longer than you may wish just to make sure you haven’t changed your mind. Other things to watch out for when receiving quotes are:

Massive discounts. A sales technique so hackneyed it makes even the most desperate sales teams blush is still surprisingly common and used by some very well-known names. Perhaps even more amazing, it’s still tricking homeowners into paying more than they should for their new doors or window. It’s a variation of the well-known promotion often used by supermarkets where a product appears to be heavily discounted so you think you’re stealing a bargain.

However, you actually end up paying the normal price if you’re lucky or way over what’s reasonable if you’re not. This is easy to swallow when you’re talking a few pounds on a bottle of wine but a lot harder to stomach when the sums are in their thousands and a pushy salesperson has convinced you it’s a once only offer.

Which Magazine recently carried out as ‘sting’ which exposed this technique, inviting 18 reps from the biggest companies to call on their undercover researchers, and recording their sales patter.

They found that 15 of the 18 quoted a high initial price only to cut it dramatically – in many cases, by half. The biggest ‘saving’ was nearly £17,000.

No reputable installer would ever offer you a discount of this size as their first price should be their best. If you’re offered a huge discount at any point during the decision making process, chances are the first quote was artificially high and you’re one of the many customers unwittingly playing the discount game with unscrupulous installers.

Government funding claims.

Another well-used sales technique is claiming that government funding is available to reduce the price. This is a slightly more sophisticated version of the previous technique and is another way of convincing you you’re paying less than you should.

Though the government does provide energy grants to help homeowners improve energy efficiency, these are normally given to the householder and not the installer.

That said, some of the largest and most reputable installers still use these grants - so if you hear phrases like ‘Scrappage Scheme’, ask about where the funding is coming from and whether they can prove it’s a government initiative – not just part of their sales patter.

Small installers with big benefits. Introducing the Eurocell Installer Network.

We believe that when it comes to choosing companies to quote on your new UPVC windows, doors, conservatory or roofline, small can often be best.

So when we put you in touch with a local installer of Eurocell UPVC products, you can look forward to:

Expert advice A Eurocell independent installer will be happy to talk you through the options available and identify any problems that may arise during installation before they happen. They won’t just be interested in closing the sale and moving on to the next customer.

Quality craftsmanship Good installers don’t just fit quality products. They fit them with skill so you can look forward to decades of trouble-free use.

Local service If problems do occur, it’s good to know your Eurocell installer is in your local area and just a quick phone call away. So they’ll be able to respond quickly to put things right.

Better value for money Why pay for expensive TV ads when you could be paying less for your windows, doors or conservatory? Eurocell Independent installers aren’t burdened with big marking budgets and running costs and can pass these savings directly to you.

A reputation to protect Above all, like all independent installers, Eurocell installers rely on their reputations to win more business. That means they’ll often go the extra mile to provide high quality installation services and products at the keenest price.

The national network you can trust.

At Eurocell, we don’t just make the quality materials behind UPVC windows, doors, conservatories, roofline and more. We also make quality connections between the tradespeople who install them and the UK’s homeowners. is a great place to start looking for a local installer who’ll provide all the help, advice and guidance you need on choosing a window and door system that’s perfect for your home.

Click on the link to view our UPVC windows. For Doors, visit our UPVC Doors page.

To receive quotes from up to three recommended installers in your area, call 0300 333 6525 or fill in our quick contact form and we’ll help you find the right installer at the right price.

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