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Integrated Speakers Boost Conservatory Sales

25 April 2007

Eurocell discusses how homeowners are aspiring to create clutter-free conservatories and how the company’s latest innovation addresses this need, giving fabricators a powerful new selling proposition.

“As the market for “no frills” conservatories becomes increasingly competitive, there are compelling reasons to offer something different. This is the reason we launched MOOD, a unique integrated conservatory speaker system that can be fitted as part of a new conservatory or retrofitted into an existing Pinnacle roof. The response so far from fabricators has been tremendous with many choosing to install MOOD as standard for all the conservatories they sell, or alternatively to showcase it in their conservatory centres as part of their ‘added-value’ offer.

For homeowners MOOD represents an exciting new innovation that should capture their imaginations and make the idea of a conservatory even more appealing. Its basic premise is simple; it enables homeowners to fill their conservatory space with music rather than large bulky speakers. MOOD is the only integrated conservatory audio system in the market giving Eurocell Pinnacle users a clear advantage.

The idea behind the development of MOOD came from our research into trends in the market. Many homeowners, inspired by the possibility of de-cluttering, were looking for clever ways to make the best use of available space and because conservatories are used as family rooms, dining rooms and entertainment areas, anything that made this space work harder was desirable. Our findings also showed that because many families with young children have conservatories there is also a safety consideration when it comes to the purchase decision. Traditional speaker systems in conservatories often have trailing wires that can be a trip hazard. MOOD is unique in that the wires are integrated into the structure of the conservatory making them completely hidden from view. All you see with the MOOD system is the connection point in the wall and stylish speakers that blend seamlessly into the Pinnacle roof ring beam.

When we were designing MOOD we made sure that the speaker system worked with any player or amplifier that has a standard speaker cable output. This now means that it can be connected to a hi-fi, ipod, mp3 player, amplifier, TV or home entertainment system to provide high quality audio enabling homeowners to create the perfect ambience in their conservatory.

We are also supporting our fabricators with eye-catching sales literature and many have already installed the product into their showrooms. The objective is to achieve a higher value sale by raising customers aspirations as well as helping to convert more enquiries. We really do believe that the new system will open up many new business opportunities for our fabricators and installers.

The new generation of conservatories will be very much attuned to the needs of the homeowner and will be designed to make the best use of available space. Many fabricators will also know from first hand experience that homeowners are prepared to spend that little bit more on home improvements if it adds significantly to the enjoyment of their home or enhances the re-sale value of the property. We believe MOOD will find a resonance with home owners in both these areas.

Fabricators and installers looking to differentiate their conservatory offer will also find MOOD a useful addition to their range. Homeowners, quite rightly, shop around before buying and because there is no other product like MOOD in the market, negotiators will find it a unique sales tool. Potential customers should have no problem remembering the showroom where they first heard the MOOD system!

Add value and trade up

Ask any property expert and they will always recommend de-cluttering a home to increase its appeal and value. Not only does it make the rooms look bigger but it also gives the impressions of style and taste – always a good area to focus on when trying to sell a house.

Another encouraging sign that MOOD will be a success is that homeowners estimated the price of the system to be much higher than the boxed set of two speakers. This makes the system an ideal marketing tool for our fabricators and installers, who can either offer MOOD at a price that secures the deal or alternatively use it as an ‘included in the price’ extra.

Eurocell is committed to providing the products that enable fabricators and installers to improve sales conversion rates and gain more conservatory sales. MOOD represents the first of many new initiatives in this area over the coming months. We firmly believe that by working with our fabricators and installers and focusing on consumers we can help re-invigorate the home improvement market and create huge opportunities for our customers. Conservatories are designed to be lifestyle enhancing and products that further develop this look set for success.”

For a free demonstration of MOOD contact Eurocell on 01773 837490 or visit the website

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