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Just turned 17, going on 18

22 December 2017

A Yuletide tradition nearly as old as decorated trees, Coca Cola Santa and the John Lewis Christmas telly advert is ‘that was the year that was’ comment pieces. And, not being ones to break with tradition – except in terms of product innovation and setting new standards of customer service – here’s another one!
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So: to be frank, very pleased to see the back of 2017, greatly looking forward to a break and very much hoping that 2018 gives us so little of what we had this year: peace and quiet. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not complaining. As you would know if you’ve read our latest trading statement, we’ve had a decent year and everything is pointing in the right direction. Better still, that performance should be measured against a pretty flat market and, ho ho ho, some dismal efforts on the part of our competitors.

So why the worry? The Donald is coming up to the first anniversary of his inauguration, and the world hasn’t been vaporised in a nuclear apocalypse – and the NK chap seems to have calmed down a bit (for now). Six months on from the General Election and Theresa May is attracting credit in some quarters for, at least, sheer tenacity, if nothing else. And Brexit – hard, soft or not at all – well: you tell us…

And that’s the problem: 2017 felt – as Mark Kelly, our CEO, puts it in his Christmas message video – “different”. More than that, it felt brittle, febrile, feverish. Off-kilter and nervy. Twitchy, uncertain and not especially happy. Despite nothing really, really bad (terrorist acts excepted) happening.

So that’s why we’d like a bit of peace and quiet next year – some respite from all the angst.

Not sure it’s coming, yet we can dream and at least hope you and yours, and us and ours; have a happy, safe, secure and successful 2018.

Finally: a quick Christmas quiz.

  • 1. Which is the only PVC-U extrusions business that got anywhere near its budget this year?
  • 2. Name the market-leading building plastics manufacturer that opened another 31 trade counters this year?
  • 3. And which company, in a league table of seven of its competitors, was no. 1 in terms of adding LinkedIn followers this year? (Thank you all for that, by the way).

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