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Now Not A Lot Of People Know That...

21 August 2016


Sometimes, when you see research or a survey published in the news, there is a ‘no *spit* Sherlock’ reaction – coupled with a disbelief that the subject in question needed looking into or that anyone would fund it. 

The all-time classic was about milk making cornflakes soggy, with other mindbenders like whether running in rain makes you wetter coming in not far behind. Then there’s the other kind of survey whereby the results are so repetitive or predictable as to become something of a cliché.

And these are very often of the kind that tell us five ways to add value to our homes, or what are the most desirable home improvements.

Ordinarily, the term cliché is used derogatorily to mean something tired or hackneyed; yet these surveys – when viewed in the context of the full definition of an overused or overworked truth – actually provide a continual source of reassurance and comfort to those involved in the home improvement sector. Take this recent one from Mortgages, as published on the BT website


With a broad range of criteria reaching from damp (coming in at No. 1) and pet smells; time honoured concerns regarding our sector are very well represented. Of the 20 issues listed, the relevant ones are:


·      14. Wooden windows (27%): Over a quarter don't like wooden windows, possibly because they're harder to maintain.


·      7. Poor natural light and/or dark rooms (50%): If you can't get brighter lightbulbs or lighter blinds, try cleaning the window. It can make a room look a lot homelier.


·      2. Property being in poor state of repair like rotten windows (65%): Perhaps this is why people don't like wooden windows – they're prone to rot, which can make them quite the eyesore”.


Obviously, the low maintenance benefits of PVC-U items – as reflected in problems 14 and 2 – are now well understood. Less considered, perhaps, are the benefits of daylight. For a surprising insight into how important it is, read this:

Of course, it’s not just contemporary window and door designs that let in the light. One of our most popular products is our Skypod lantern roof light range. Skypod’s success in the market is due in no small part to its good looks and aesthetics especially when compared to other PVC-U systems. Plus, it offers better value for money than aluminium alternatives.

Its contemporary design means that Skypod is the most effective means of boosting headroom and volume, while welcoming extra natural light into otherwise drab flat-roofed rooms.  Installers and homeowners now routinely select Skypod for extensions, orangeries, new build kitchen-diners and garage conversions.

Skypod is available in the full colour range of Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Golden Oak, Rosewood and White – with a white interior finish as standard to maximise the light and airy feel. A further 30 colour options can be made to order in just three weeks. Skypod has a fixed 20-degree roof pitch and is supplied with self-cleaning, temperature controlled glass in Blue, Neutral, Bronze and Clear as standard, with a U-value of 1.0W/m²K achievable. 

To find out how Skypod – and Eurocell in general – could let more light into your life, click here:

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