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The benefits of a simplified supply chain

11th April 2019

By the time a product is installed in a project, it has already had quite the journey. From the raw materials, through to manufacturing; sale through to installation, a lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure customers receive their products on time, on budget and to the correct specification. Successful supply chain management involves looking after everything that goes into transforming raw materials into a finished product that is fit for purpose. From products and services to people and logistics, each part of the supply chain must be meticulously managed in order to create a successful product.


11th April marks ‘Supply Chain Day’ and to celebrate, we’re going to give you an insight into what goes into managing our supply chain here at Eurocell.


How do we manage our supply chain?


When it comes to managing the Eurocell supply chain, we like to keep things simple. At the beginning of the supply chain, we source all raw materials required to manufacture our products along with the necessary ready-made products and traded goods from manufacturers in the UK and Europe. We also recycle as many PVC-U frames as possible to help stabilise our expenditure on raw materials, further safeguarding those down the supply chain. In total, we’ve prevented over 61,500 tonnes of end-of-life PVC-U ending in landfill and in 2018 alone, recycled in excess of 1.2 million frames.


On top of this, we create our products in our manufacturing facility; manufacturing all of our products in our factory enables us to have full control over products within the supply chain so we can deliver consistent service and quality benefits to our customers. Once we’ve manufactured our products, we operate a nationwide network of more than 200+ branches, supplying a complete range of PVC-U roofline, conservatory roof, window trim and door products, as well as all the fixings, sealants and tools required for every building plastics job.


How does our supply chain benefit our customers?


By sourcing the raw materials ourselves, manufacturing our products in our own facility and distributing them via our network of trade counters we provide our customers with one place for all of their product needs. This reduces the number of suppliers a contractor will need to liaise with and manage within their supply chain. Logistically, it can make orders, deliveries and invoicing much easier too. 


As all products are made by ourselves, and not manufactured overseas, we’re able to maintain full product traceability and also provide centralised documentation so we can tell you when each product was made and ensure only the highest quality. This also allows installers access to technical support, advice and training on any product that comes out of our factory.


As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the supply chain within the construction industry, we’ve been awarded ‘silver status’ with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The initiative is backed and funded by the UK's top house builders, contractors and clients and was founded to help the supply chain meet the challenging targets set out by UK Government in regards to house building; delivering one million new homes by 2020 and doing so with improved levels of efficiency, quality and sustainability. We successfully achieved silver status, helping to demonstrate our commitment to meeting our customers’ supply chain requirements. From an initial 10-point personalised action plan, companies involved can measure their progress and update the action plan to demonstrate continuous improvement to clients.


So, there we have it. Whether they’re windows, doors, Skypods, bifolds or facias, when installing products on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget the journey they have made to end up in a building. We work with the best team at our manufacturing facility and recycling plant, fabricators, trade counter staff and installers to ensure we have a solid supply chain that benefits each stakeholder within it.

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