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24 August 2015

Lantern roofs are all the rage – especially on flat roof extensions – and here we look at the straightforward steps it takes to install a Skypod® lantern skylight from Eurocell.

  1. The system has a fixed 200 roof pitch and is supplied with self-cleaning, temperature controlled glass in blue, neutral, bronze or as standard, with a U-value of 1.0W/m²K achievable. First make sure that the aperture dimensions for the skylight match those on the accompanying installation plan supplied.
  2. The diagonals will need checking to see if the ring beam will need adjusting around the perimeter.
  3. Before applying a generous amount of silicone sealant around the external edge, make sure the kerb is clean and free from debris first.
  4. The ring beam needs to be positioned so that there’s an equal overhang around the perimeter. Once done, secure the corners using a steel corner cleat with 4-off 4.8 x 25 LG screws (supplied). Use suitable 5-6mm fixings at 300-400mm centres to secure the perimeter.
  5. Having fixed the hips to the ring beam using the threaded studs, then fasten the central rafter to the spiders. After that, loosely fasten the side rafters – again using the threaded studs – to the ring beam. If you can get at the glazing bar ends, then fit the glazing stops and end caps after fixing rafters to the ring beam. If access to the end bars is limited these can be fitted before fixing rafters to ring beam. Check the rafters for square and then tighten all the nuts.
  6. Carefully position the glass after fitting the glazing end closures and with the eaves beam seal tape partially peeled back. Peel back along the entire length of the tape and press glazing down to ensure adequate contact.
  7. Before tightening nylon bar until it presses down onto the glazing Insert the foam bung and clamp plate. Use a nylon mallet to fit the rafter and hip top caps. Seal around the foam bung where it intersects ridge glazing seal, glass and glazing bar top caps
  8. Run two beads of high grab adhesive sealant on the underside of the top cap and then lower onto the ridge, checking that it is positioned correctly over the rafters and hip top caps. Seal around rafter top caps to ridge glazing trim, glazing end closures and glass.

Skypod® is available in Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Golden Oak, Rosewood and White – with white interior finishes to maximise the light and airy feel as standard. Thirty additional colour options can be made to order in just three weeks. 

To find out more about Skypod® call the Eurocell customer care team on: 0800 988 3049 or visit www.eurocell.co.uk/skypod.

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