What We Look For When Hiring

28 February 2017

Stuart-Macgregor-Talking-HeadOur company is growing rapidly so we are on the lookout for capable and driven people to fulfil our growth targets, writes Recruitment Manager Stuart MacGregor.

We are an excellent company to work for – it is a business that has the security of a PLC but the feel of a well-run SME where individuals can make a real impact. Talent is easily recognised and we look to promote from within wherever possible, so with the growth of the company and the new branch openings there are great opportunities to advance your career.

I think the best way to show the sort of person we look for is to give a practical demonstration of the way our company works.

A short time ago one of our customers installed one of our roofing products on a conservatory. For whatever reason it was not installed quite correctly and his customer was unhappy. Now there was nothing wrong with our product and we had no legal obligation to do anything about it – we could have just left them to it.

But that’s not the Eurocell way. Our Branch Manager arranged for our technical team to go on site and work with the installation company, so they knew the correct way to install the product and his customer got the roof he wanted. We also supplied the extra materials free of charge. So everyone is satisfied with the result, no one has lost face and the reputation of Eurocell is enhanced.

And that is the attitude we are looking for in all our staff: the willingness to go ‘the extra mile’ and to understand the bigger picture for the benefit of the business.

what-we-look-for-when-hiring-1There is an old interview question that any applicant should bear in mind when they apply to Eurocell: “where do you see yourself in five years?” To take another example from our swiftly growing branch network, we are ideally looking for a future Branch Manager when we recruit a Trade Counter Assistant/ Driver. We are not going to appoint someone just because they know the Highway Code and can use a sat nav.

We want someone with the personality to share a joke with our trade customers, someone who knows our products and those of our competitors. Our drivers are in the front line of customer service so they know who is working on what throughout their area, and they need to feed that information back to their branch so we can plan our production and deliveries accordingly.

So when candidates come to interview we favour those who are confident, knowledgeable and likeable. We like to hear some examples of initiative, examples of where the applicant put in that extra effort to make a positive difference.

Ideally we would like this experience to be in a similar industry to our own, yet we are open minded and look for what the US space agency calls ‘the right stuff’. For example, one of our recently promoted colleagues came to us as a trainee accountant while a member of our kaizen (Continuous Improvement) team had a university place to study astrophysics.

Now, we are not asking anyone to split atoms or discover new solar systems; yet we do want ambitious people who are prepared to work hard. In return, we reward talent generously and invest the time and training necessary for a career that will progress in the long term.

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