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Why Craig Phillips chose Eurocell as his manufacturer of choice for his Dream Build

3rd January 2019

When constructing my Dream Build I only wanted to use products and suppliers that I love and that I can trust to perform. When it came to the windows and bi-fold doors within the property, I knew I wanted to use Eurocell. When people ask me why I chose Eurocell products, it would be easy to say that it was because its products are of a superior quality, but there are some other reasons that made Eurocell my manufacturer of choice that were just as important to me:


Eurocell has over four decades of experience. Having survived numerous economic downturns, it is clear that Eurocell’s products have stood the test of time, something only the best have managed to do. By using a manufacturer with such longevity, I was also reassured that the windows and bi-fold doors installed were the product of years of product development and enhancement and therefore the best on the market.

Building performance

The way my property performs in terms of energy efficiency was very important to me. Eurocell profile systems have been independently tested to achieve the highest possible A++ BFRC energy ratings so they will help with the long-term energy efficiency of the property. I have had SAP tests conducted on the house to analyse how energy efficient it is and the results came back showing just how good Eurocell products are for making my house as passive as possible.

Supporting local business

After deciding which Eurocell window profiles and bi-fold doors I wanted to have installed in my Dream Build, my local fabricator, Warwick Development fabricated them and installed them. It is important to me that local trades are supported and it meant a lot that Eurocell used a fabricator that was just down the road from me. As well as the 1,500 people Eurocell employs across its operations, it also helps many other businesses with the fabrication element of job and the installation of its products into properties.


As well as ensuring my property is as energy efficient as possible, I wanted to make sure that its actual construction had as little impact on the planet as possible. Eurocell’s capability to recycle end-of-life frames was a massive factor in my decision to have Eurocell installed throughout my property. Having recycled over 1.2 million frames in 2018, I can see they are making real steps to decrease the impact they have on the environment. I’m visiting the Eurocell recycling plant in 2019 and I can’t wait to see it in action!


I wanted to use PVC-U within my Dream Build due to the amount of times it can be recycled and reused. PVC-U can be recycled up to 10 times and it actually gets stronger each time it is processed. Eurocell was also able to provide the PVC-U window profiles and bi-fold doors in anthracite grey, which kept in line with the aesthetic I wanted for the build. It looks modern and clean, yet timeless.

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