Your Garden Will Soon Outsmart You

26 September 2014

Yes, you read the title right. Gardening will never be the same again, as a Kickstarter campaign raising money to fund the Edyn smart garden system has raised more than £230k – triple their original goal. Founders are hoping that it will help increase local food production and have a real impact on food supply around the world.

What it can do

It’s difficult to know what’s really happening in the soil in your garden, and that’s where the Edyn Garden Sensor comes in. It’s designed to monitor and track environmental conditions such as light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture. After this, it will cross-reference all this information with plant and soil science, as well as weather databases in order to recommend which plants you will be able to grow, when is the best time to plant, and even what other plants would work well alongside it through a phone app.

Additionally, Edyn will monitor conditions on an ongoing basis and will not only alert you if you need to take immediate actions, but it will also recommend which type of organic fertiliser you should be using and help you find the optimal sunlight for each specific plant.

The system can also control your water system and make adjustments to it according to the weather forecast based on information collected by the Garden Sensor. Think about it: you’ll save water, lower your bills and you won’t even need to worry about your plants not getting enough water (or too much of it).

How it works

The Edyn Garden Sensor is powered by solar energy. We know we don’t get that much sun in the UK, but the good news is that it also features a smart power algorithm that ensures the device is up and running even when it’s cloudy.
The system is resistant to changing weather conditions and is connected to your mobile device through Wi-Fi to transfer live data which is gathered by passing a harmless electrical signal through the soil to detect variations in the soil’s electrical properties that are linked to changes in moisture, acidity and fertility.

You can check your app at any point and from anywhere for real-time information and gain access to insights and analysis of how your plants are doing.

What are your thoughts? Would you use the Edyn system once it becomes available? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter or Watch this video on connected gardens.

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