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Skypod Acute brings exciting new angle on design

This month look out for the launch of our new Skypod Acute, the latest addition to our market-leading Skypod range of skylights. As the name suggests the new addition features a much steeper pitch, 35 degrees in fact, a full 15 degrees more than the current design.

The new 35-degree pitch is visually very different to the standard 20 degrees, making it suitable for more commercial applications such as schools, offices and hospitals where this degree of pitch is more common. This market tends to be dominated by aluminium products so the arrival of the new Skypod provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Skypod Acute sports the same stylish, narrow glazing bars and generous sightlines as the rest of the Skypod range and, in its square format, it now fits an even smaller aperture, allowing even more light into parts of the home that previously was not possible.

Installation is straightforward as all fixing and accessories are included. Even the screw holes are pre-drilled for accuracy and convenience.

Skypod’s success in the market is due in no small part to its good looks and aesthetics especially when compared to other PVC-U systems. Plus, it offers better value for money than aluminium alternatives. Its contemporary design means that Skypod is the most effective means of boosting headroom and volume, while welcoming extra natural light into otherwise drab flat-roofed rooms.

Available in the full colour range of Anthracite Grey, Moondust Grey, Golden Oak, Rosewood and White – Skypod Acute is manufactured with a white interior finish as standard to maximise the light and airy feel.

Strength in numbers with the updated Dales Collection

Our Dales Collection is an immensely popular range of composite doors but that hasn’t stopped us from making some improvements to make them even better by introducing three new door types – the Elton, Hartington and Newhaven. Six new glass styles will also be available to further increase choice for the customer.

The improvements don’t stop there, however. With security and peace of mind very much on the agenda with the introduction of Document Q legislation we have introduced some modifications that address those concerns.

For a start we have increased the outer skin GRP thickness from 2mm to 4mm across the entire range, introduced a new accredited 5-point multi-locking system with adjustable keeps, providing improved weather rating that can now achieve up to a massive 1200 Pascals. That’s a 50% improvement on previous tests.

We are also fitting Tri-Sis glazing cassettes that can be deglazed internally without damaging the door or affecting its security performance. So rest assured that any Dales door you’ll install will be compliant to the requirements of Document Q legislation. 

However good these changes are, we are never satisfied until we have tested them to the limits. So we have subjected this new range to six months of rigorous testing to ensure that it achieves PAS 23/24:2016 accreditation, which includes the PAS 24:2016 ‘Cut Through’ test.

So if you’re looking for both style and security in 2017 take a look at the updated range of the Dales Collection, you won’t be disappointed!

More convenience, more branches.

Eurocell has hit the ground running this year with more branch openings bringing the total to over 160 throughout the UK. The new branches are at: Sydenham, Chichester, Great Yarmouth, Loughborough, Huyton, Perth and Workington with branches at Cramlington, Newark, Kiddminster and Torquay also opening soon. 

“We recognise that our customers are mobile, so we are building a network that means they can enjoy the same levels of service, the same range of products and the same value wherever their work takes them,” explains Chris Coxon, Eurocell Head of Marketing.

“It’s not unusual, for example, for a customer in Leicester to work in London. Our network means they can still deal with people they know and know their business. Our network means they can order through their local branch and receive deliveries from the depot that’s nearest to the job.”

Eurocell sites its branches carefully to offer the greatest customer convenience so all new branches offer easy access, plenty of space to park and load; they are located near associated merchants, so no special trip is needed to pick up essential tools and materials. The network is growing fast – Eurocell reached the landmark of 150 branches in August with the opening of its Basingstoke branch.

In common with all Eurocell branches the new latest branches have a showroom with a large trade counter area and stock products including roofline, rainwater systems, window finishing trims, doors and conservatories as well as lines such as underground drainage, hand tools, power tools and protective clothing. All are available to take away, buy online or for direct delivery to site.

Eurocell manufactures many of the products, so you gain all the benefits of buying direct.

PVC-U threshold boosts energy performance

Here at Eurocell we are constantly looking for improvements and we have introduced a PVC-U low threshold for the Eurologik 70 system that offers users an alternative to aluminium that will cut energy bills and improve comfort.

This threshold is superior to aluminium thresholds because it reduces cold bridging and is thermally more efficient. Using the PVC-U low threshold rather than the aluminium equivalent improves the U value by roughly 0.1W/(m2k), depending on the style and specification of the door. Put another way, using the PVC-U threshold can boost the energy rating of a door by up to one energy band, over the aluminium equivalent.

This threshold has another advantage too: we have designed it so that it can be removed and replaced without removing the whole door if damaged.

Fully tested to BS6375 and PAS24 both on residential and French doors, the threshold complies with Part M of the building regulations (Access to and use of Public Buildings) which govern disabled access when installed complete our aluminium ramps, LSF1546A and LSF1547A.

Crestless Ridge tops off conservatories in style

Traditional conservatories usually have finials and crestings on the ridge that are more in keeping with period homes rather the contemporary housing, so we have developed a crestless ridge trim and end moulding.

The CRS8020 provides a cleaner appearance that is more up to date and complements the appearance of modern homes.

The ridges come in 6m lengths and can be white, cream, rosewood or golden oak, with end caps to match.

This crestless ridge is also fully supported by the Production Software Technology (PST) software developed specifically for manufacturing conservatories and home improvement products.

Were you quids in on Cash Back Day?

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