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Lucy's Story

1.   Can you start by telling us your name and current role / area you’re working in at Eurocell?

My name is Lucy Frost and I am currently an Apprentice Assistant Accountant for Group Finance.


2.   What were the main factors that attracted you to the apprenticeship programme with Eurocell?

I began working at Eurocell in the purchase ledger department then became an apprentice, I knew it would be right for me as I could already see how knowledgeable the team were and that they would be able to help guide me.


3.   What skills do you hope to develop with Eurocell that will help in your career?

Improving my accountancy skills will of course be the greatest help but working in the Group Finance team also develops teamwork and communication. This is key in my role as I require information from the other accounting functions.


4.   What are your long-term career goals?

Once I have completed AAT Level 4, I hope to go on to a chartered qualification and become a fully qualified accountant. I also aim to get more experience within financial accounting for the business.


5.   How is the team at Eurocell helping you in your role?

There is a wide variety in my team of people who are already fully qualified, people who are studying a chartered qualification and people who have just begun their AAT journey. This means there is always someone to ask about the process and if they can provide me with any help. The team are very supportive in helping me understand my tasks, why they need to be completed and how they contribute to the business.


6.   What is your favourite thing about the apprenticeship programme at Eurocell?

My favourite thing is that as I am completing each module, I can apply what I learn to my role. If there is something I am not exposed to in my day to day, then I can ask my manager how it fits into the business.


7.   Would you recommend taking up an apprenticeship role with Eurocell and why?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship with Eurocell as the business is keen to develop their own employees and it is a great way to progress your career!


8.   What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of embarking on an apprenticeship programme?

The key part of completing an apprenticeship is organisation. Plan every week for every module to make sure you make the most of the available resources and ensure you cover all the material.

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