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You can count on us to deliver a high-quality roof with a service to top it off, including quotes in under an hour and deliveries in a timescale to suit you.

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The difference is night & day with Equinox

Our new 25° fixed angle soffit ring beam option allows for a traditional overhang soffit appearance to match homeowners' properties for a seamless integration. Plus, additional soffit surface area provides the option to be specified with external downlighters. The lights can be installed as either a cool or warm white and can be specified with a twilight sensor, turning the lights on automatically as natural light fades.

Soffit ring beams can fully complement fascia boards and guttering to complement a home. They can be fitted with one of the four current tile options - SlateSkin, steel, composite slate and Envirotile in a broad range of colours.

Bring your customers a high quality, easy-to-install tiled roof solution

You want to save money by minimising the time you spend on site. Your customers want the least disruption and inconvenience possible. Equinox delivers a win-win.

A range of innovative new features includes fewer components and pre-positioned ring beam nuts and bolts. Then there’s SlateSkin – a unique sheet tile solution so that tiles don’t need to be fitted individually – and all of that means faster installation. In fact, you can fit the whole roof in as little as 48 hours – saving up to a day compared to other systems. What’s more, it’s watertight the same day so can be safely left overnight

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Bring your customers a high quality, easy-to-install tiled roof solution

Intelligent design for a wide range of roof options

Because Equinox offers variable pitches between 5-35 ̊, you can gain more customers by offering a wider range of roof options – including lean-tos, previously unavailable to tiled roofs. We now also offer fixed pitch aluminium options for 15 ̊ & 25 ̊ making for a simpler roof, which will cater for over 60% of designs.

A reduced ring beam overhang means that there are no problems with conservatories on boundary lines – and no loss of strength. There are no load-bearing issues either, thanks to its internal roof support structure system, so Equinox is fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L. Plus, a new gable end component allows much better finishing for gutters on gable end designs, improving aesthetics.

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Advanced features deliver even better performance and higher quality

Featuring purpose-designed components including flush fitting rafters and a variable ring beam, Equinox brings your customers real confidence and peace of mind. They’ll know that they have chosen a premium quality product. They’ll certainly appreciate the great looks too, with a traditional plastered internal finish and wide choice of colours across our four tile style options including the new eco-friendly Envirotile system, slate style tiles and standard steel tiles.

Outstanding versatility for a range of living spaces

Equinox isn’t just a great system for conservatory roofs. This versatile solution can also be used to transform flat roofs – whether on a new extension or an existing flat roof that’s ready for a change. In fact, no job’s too small for Equinox. Even porches can benefit from a contemporary makeover.

Delivered in 5 working days

Once the site has been surveyed and measurements taken, you can order your bespoke Equinox roof from any of the 200+ Eurocell branches across the UK. Your complete ready-to-install kit, including all screws and fixings, will be delivered with flexibility to suit you in 5-7 working days. You can then either collect it yourself or arrange for free delivery direct to your site.

LABC & LABSS certified

Customer peace of mind is assured with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) certification - certificate number EW6o6, (achieved with SlateSkin GRP sheet tiles, composite slate tiles and steel tiles).
LABSS for Scotland - certificate number EWS6o6 (achieved with composite slate tiles and steel tiles).

Delivered in 5 working days

Fast, easy conservatory roof conversion.

Equinox looks for all the world like a solid, traditional tiled roof. The kind you see on the grandest Victoria orangeries. But isn’t the weight of a tiled roof going to be too much for a standard PVC-U conservatory frame? Well, that’s the genius of Equinox. instead of traditional slate or clay roof tiles, Equinox tiles are made out of ultra-lightweight glass reinforced plastic (GRP), a limestone and polypropylene blend or a light gauge steel. All of these are a fraction of the weight of traditional tiles. So they’ll sit easily on your existing conservatory, along with the aluminium frame, timber battens and plasterboard ceiling panels, without putting any extra strain on it at all.

Yet the last thing your tiles look are imitation. Eurocell designers have chosen tiles that mimic the most popular colours and even the riven finish of slate and the sandstone texture of clay tiles. Which means, whatever style of tile you have on your house, you’ll be able to get a close match on your new conservatory roof. The same goes for the gutters, finials and fascias. Suddenly, your conservatory starts to look more like it’s part of your house design. And less like a lean to add-on.

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Fast, easy conservatory roof conversion.

Transformation in under 48 hours.

Equinox is precision engineered and prefabricated in our factory to fit the exact size and shape of any conservatory with millimetre precision. That means it’s compatible with all types of conservatory, whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian, a small lean or an extravagant P-shaped design. It can even accommodate hipped and mono-pitch roofs with no problem at all. Whatever the construction, Equinox fits to transform under-used space into a smart and stylish solid roof conservatory.

Another advantage of pre-fabrication is the speed the new roof goes up compared to traditional methods. Once you give us the us the measurements from your survey, we’ll manufacture the complete system in our quality controlled UK factory. Then we supply the complete Equinox ‘kit’ that contains everything you need, down the last little nut, bolt and screw.

When you cover a conservatory with Equinox, you’re covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Like all Eurocell products and systems, Equinox comes with a full 10-year guarantee to cover every component. You can enjoy the knowledge you’re fully protected from eaves to ridge tiles. And not just that – we even provide a warranty of 40 years on some of our Equinox roof tiles!

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