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Skypod Acute Lantern Roof Benefits

Are your customers crying out for natural light?

Homeowners love Skypod rooflights for all the extra light and space they bring into the home.

Great if they’ve got a flat roof big enough to take a full lantern. But what about all those people with smaller extensions and outhouses crying out for a little natural light?

Well, now you can give them exactly what they want with Skypod Acute.

Skypod Acute Benefits

20° and 35° fixed pitches
10-year guarantee
Designed for superior performance
Fast, accurate installation
U-values as low as 1.0*
A choice of frame and glass colours
Cheaper than aluminium alternatives
Kits delivered in 5-10 working days

Pitch for more projects

Skypod Acute is a new Skypod design, with a 35° pitch instead of the usual 20°. That means it can be fabricated in much smaller sizes (right down to 0.5m x 0.5m) and fitted to a much smaller roof without losing out on light levels.

So you get more jobs quote on. And your customers get loads more natural light where they never thought it was possible.

The quick, easy, quality fix

Just like the rest of the Skypod range, Skypod Acute is designed with installers in mind.

Everything you need is right there in the pack, right down to the last support stud and sealing plate. Even the screw holes are predrilled for a quick installation that’s right first time, every time.

More colours to co-ordinate

If you’re fitting windows and doors in one of the thirty or more alternatives to plain white available from Eurocell, you’ll be glad to hear Skypod Acute can be ordered to match every one of them.

Together, they’ll make any home look fantastic from the kerbside. And make you look even better in the eyes of your customers.

For more information and technical advice on Skypod Acute, or our other products, call our friendly Customer Service Team on 0300 333 6525
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