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NB: Before proceeding it is advisable to check that your new Aspect bi-fold door is the correct size to fit the intended aperture.

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Bi-fold door fitting guide

Before installing the Aspect door, the structural opening should be cleared of all dust and debris. And a check made to ensure the D.P.C is in position and is undamaged. All Aspect panoramic doors must be installed plumb and square without twist.

• Measure and cut the base cill to size.
• Glue the cill end caps on to the cill.
• Offer the base cill into the opening, check the cill is level across its overall length (maximum deviation is 3mm).
• Apply a generous bead of silicone across the bottom of the aperture to sit the base cill on and fix the cill to the aperture ensuring that it is level.
• Fix the traffic door handle & lock cylinder to the door.
• Carefully lift the door into position.

Once in the correct position and the door is plumb and square without twist, you can begin fixing the door into the opening, using appropriate fixings (not supplied). When fixing down to the cill, ensure that screws are sealed to prevent water ingress. Also seal across the cill below the door jambs to prevent water tracking across the cill.

Fixing distances: corner fixings shall be a minimum of 150mm and a maximum of 250mm from the corner. Intermediate fixings shall be at centres no greater than 600mm.

Fixings in the jambs should be fitted through the centre line of the euro groove. The suitable fixings for this installation are available from all Eurocell building plastics depots.

The fixings in the head and cill should sit as flush as possible to enable the rollers to easily pass over the fixings but it is important that the se are not over tightened as this will distort the aluminium track and prevent the door from operating correctly.

Check that the sashes operate correctly before the glazing begins. 
• Carefully remove the beads from the first sash noting the position of each and fit EWS7203 glazing platforms. 
• Fit the glass and pack appropriately. All sashes must be toed and heeled to ensure an equal and parallel sight line between the head of the sashes and the outerframe.
• When the glass is fully packed out, re-bead placing the beads in their original locations.
• Repeat the above steps until all sashes are glazed.

Ensure the top & bottom roller cases are free from debris or obstacles which may impair the function of the product.

We recommend that silicone spray is used to speed up the ‘bedding in’ period of the rollers, ensuring a smooth effortless action, spray both the head & the cill aluminium channels

Hinge adjustment is achieved by loosening off the 2 screws on each leaf and then sliding the adjuster peg to suit, once the lateral adjustment has been made please ensure to carefully tighten the screws. (5mm lateral & 2mm height adjustment available per hinge).

Roller adjustment is achieved by loosening the grub screw, then using a 5mm Allen key. Make the required adjustment and then retighten the grub screw. (8mm of adjustment is available). 

Traffic door keep adjustment is achieved by using the screws, which simply need to be loosened, in order to give inward and outward adjustment. Once the keep is in the correct position care fully retighten the screws.

• Once the door is operating correctly, fix the remaining screws to the hinges and rollers.
• The trims can be cut to size and fitted (EWS172 & 173).
• Hinge cover caps can now be fitted.
• The door can now be fully sealed with silicone and cleaned

All grub screws must be correctly located and fully tightened to ensure the steel pins cannot be forced out. 

Bi-fold door roller adjustment

For single and double leaf roller adjustments see our PDF guide below.

Download your PDF version


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