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Cladding Installation Guide

1) Shiplap cladding should be fitted to preservative treated 38mm x 25mm soft wood tanellised battens.

2) Fix battens vertically at 600mm centres. If fitted in exposed areas, ie high rise flats, reduce centres to 400mm.

3) When thermal insulation is required, a 20mm air gap must be provided thus necessitating cross battens. If cladding is fitted to stud work or subject to extreme weather conditions, a breather membrane should be used between cladding and the substrate.

4) Always start the installation at the base, creating a level situation before fitting a starter trim.

5) Before fitting the cladding, complete trim preparation by fitting edge trim, corner trim and joint trim where required. All trims are secured to a batten network with a double batten required for the joint trim.

6) For trimming around windows, use a two-part edge trim beneath and to the sides, and a drip trim at the window head to ensure no build up of water.

7) On the white shiplap cladding, cut back 5mm per edge to allow for expansion behind the edge, corner and joint trims. For laminated shiplap cladding, allow 8mm per edge.

8) The shiplap cladding is secured by nailing the flat-headed 30mm stainless steel cladding pin into the nail groove. Always secure the first nail at the centre and work towards the outer edges.

9) Due to Eurocell’s deep tongue and groove design, any irregularities in levels can be made up by slightly raising each plank.

10) The last (top) plank might not finish as a complete board and if this is the case use packing pieces from off cuts to keep the vertical datum line level.

11) When shiplap cladding is nailed into position, simply snap home the front part of the two-part edge trim for a neat finish.

12) If butt joint trims are used instead of centre joint trims they should be staggered per length and positioned where a vertical batten is located. Again a 5mm gap per side should be left allowing the butt joint trim to be located. When snapped into position, one side should be left glued, with the other free for expansion. Please allow an 8mm gap for laminated shiplap cladding.

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