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18mm Fascia Board Installation

1) Designed for a direct fix, and eliminating the need for a timber substrate, these 18mm thick fascia boards can be secured direct to the rafters at a maximum of 600mm centres using 2 x 65mm A4 stainless steel fixing nails per rafter.

2) Care should be taken to ensure that the rafters are level.

3) Where any white corner trims, joint trims or angle trims are required, the boards should be cut back 5mm per edge to allow for expansion. If laminated boards are used, the dimension increases to 8mm per edge, and all trims should be secured by gluing one side and leaving the other free for any expansion or contraction.

4) The guttering should be secured to every third rafter, although these boards are thick enough to hold extra fixings securely at other points.

Please note: Foiled and laminated boards should be fitted in lengths of 2.5m maximum, to accommodate the expansion requirements, especially on south facing elevations.

9mm Soffit Board Installation

1) Ensure that prior to fixing soffits, the preservative treatment to the structural timber has dried out.

2) All utility boards 100mm-605mm in width should be fixed at a maximum of 600mm centres.

3) If ventilation is required, the Eurosoffit board available in 150mm-605mm widths gives the 10mm air gap required for roofs with a pitch in excess of 15˚.

4) An alternative method of soffit ventilation sees the rigid soffit ventilator joining the Euroboard to the utility boards.

5) If roofspace ventilation has been created by using the over fascia ventilation, the utility board is fitted on top of the ogee or Euroboard leg and secured to the soffit batten using 30mm A4 stainless steel fixing pins.

9mm Hollow Soffit Board Installation

1) Available in 300mm and 100mm widths, these alternative soffit boards can be fitted at right angles or parallel to the full replacement boards giving an attractive tongue and groove effect.

2) If no ventilation is required, the hollow soffit can be used on top of the Euroboard leg and fitted to the soffit batten using 25mm cladding pins. If ventilation is required, these boards can also be pre-vented and fitted in the same way.

3) A soffit ventilator profile can be used to join the Euroboard fascia and hollow soffit board. If the hollow soffit board is running along its length, the first plank should have the location leg removed, allowing it to fit into the soffit ventilator.

Please note: Hollow soffits are not designed to be used as external cladding or a fascia system. Failure to comply will invalidate the guarantee.

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