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Please Note

If you are planning to lay a new laminate or tiled floor, do this before fitting the skirting board for the neatest finish.

If you are carpeting, fit the skirting boards first.

Always fit Roomline skirting boards from the door opening in an clockwise direction.

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Roomline UPVC Skirting Boards Installation Guide

1. Fitting

Measure length 1 from the external edge of the architrave to the inside corner of the room. Transfer this measurement onto a length of skirting board and mark accurately with a pencil. Cut the skirting board to length using square cuts with the aid of a fine toothed saw and saw block. Position the skirting board to check length.

Lay the skirting board on its face and apply a bead of SilverSil Never Nails or another contact building adhesive down each adhesive channel. Place the skirting board in position pushing firmly back to the wall.

Measure length 2 from the flat face of the skirting board to the inside corner of the room. Cut to length using square cuts.

Apply contact adhesive to the scribed internal corner moulding (available from your local Eurocell Building Plastics branch as part of the corner trim kit) and push onto the left hand end of the cut skirting board. Position the skirting board to check for length and trim if necessary. Once satisfied repeat stage 2.

Repeat this process until the room is complete.

2. External corners

Measure from the flat face of skirting board 1 to the external corner of the wall. Cut the skirting board using square cuts. Fit a scribed internal corner moulding to the left hand end and check for fit. If satisfied fix in position with adhesive.

Measure length 4 from the inside corner of the room to the external corner of the room. Cut to length using square cuts. If satisfied with fit fix to wall using adhesive.

Measure length 3 from the inside faces of fitted lengths 2 & 4 and square cut to length.

Apply adhesive to the external corner mouldings and push fit onto each end of length 3. Apply adhesive to the back face of the skirting board and the remaining tabs of the corner mouldings and fix into position making sure that the tabs locate into their correct position within the previously fitted lengths 2 & 4. Wipe off any surplus adhesive.

3. Inline joints

Cut the required lengths of skirting board to be jointed with accurate square cuts. Apply adhesive into the correct cavity of one cut length.

Push fit the in-line joint moulding so that half the moulding is inside the skirting and half protrudes.

Apply adhesive into the other length to be jointed and push fit onto the moulding until a tight fit is achieved. Wipe off any excess adhesive. Once jointed the length can be fitted in the conventional manner.

4. Maintenance

Roomline products are designed for minimal maintenance. All they require is the occasional wipe over with household polish or a damp cloth. Stubborn marks can be removed using a non abrasive cream cleaner, such as SilverSil Cream Cleaner. The use of chemical based cleaners or abrasive materials is NOT recommended.

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Roomline Installation Guide


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