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About Insulation and Plasterboard

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Discover our new range of insulting boards, plasterboards and loft insulation.

In these times of increasing fuel bills, and the push for ever better thermal efficiency, the correct insulation solutions can be a big help.

Installing the correct loft insulation can have an instant effect on heat retention within a property. It's the easiest way to retain heat, enabling you to turn the thermostat down giving you a direct reduction in how much you spend with energy suppliers. Replacing old, tired loft insulation is a must, but if you've no insulation at all the benefits will not only be felt in your wallet, you'll feel the difference too.

Installing the right plasterboard or wall insulation can have an equally heat retaining impact too. Installing a range of thermal insulation solutions including insulation boards with low emissivity foil facings, manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate, is one way to help close drafty gaps, like putting a warm jumper around your house.
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