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Ultratop Topcoat 5kg

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ULTRATOP is a glossy, aliphatic, single component, pigmented, polyurethane resin.
Tack free time: 25 minutes; pot life: 3 hours
It forms a protective coating, easy to clean and maintain and resistant to algae and mold growth.

ULTRATOP should be applied in dry conditions avoiding the presence of humidity or water coming from the surface to be coated or the substrate, whether at the time of application or subsequently.
Apply on dry, firm substrates, with a surface temperature of between 3 ºC above dew point, an ambient temperature of at least 10 ºC.

ULTRATOP must be applied in thin layers, with roller, brush or airless spray equipment (nozzle: 0.007” to 0.011”; nozzle tip pressure, 180 to 200 kg/m²).
It can be thinned using pure xylene, up to 5% for applications with airless spray equipment.

Do not apply on swimming pools or, in general, on surfaces that subject to total immersion.

ULTRATOP can be applied as a non-slip finish as follows: Apply a thin layer of Ultratop and broadcast silica sand or aggregate. If required an additional layer of Ultratop can be applied over the aggregate to encapsulate the anti-slip system.

Product description

ULTRATOP is a single component aliphatic polyurethane resin to be used as topcoat for Utraflex liquid membrane. Ultratop has a glossy finish and forms a flexible, continuous film, with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties as its excellent resistance to abrasion and stress that make it resistant to weathering, extreme temperatures and UV radiation which makes Ultratop an ideal finish coat for balconies, walkways and other applications in flat roofing.

Technical specifications

Ultratop is a topcoat for Ultraflex liquid system on flat roofs. Applications include car parks with a very light traffic (private car parks) and a protection layer for Ultraflex on balconies, walkways and maintenance strips.


The TOPCOAT must be included in all systems to achieve:

15 YEARS: Ultraflex and Ultratop at the recommended coverage
20 YEARS: Ultraflex and Ultratop at the recommended coverage
25 YEARS: Ultraflex and Ultratop at the recommended coverage. Extra layer required 0.5kg additional Ultraflex
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