Eurocell CPD Sessions

Here at Eurocell, we believe CPDs are vital to developing and enhancing career prospects - and that’s why we offer a range of CPD webinars.

Delivered by our Business Development Team, our CPD accreditation covers all aspects of PVC-U windows for beginners and veterans of the construction industry alike.

Take a look, below, to find out more about CPD certifications and how they can benefit your professional career in the PVC-U trade.

Why should I earn a CPD certification?

There are many benefits to having a CPD certification on your professional record.

For starters, each CPD programme with a CPD accreditation has been reviewed against the renowned standards and benchmarks previously established by the Continuing Professional Development body. This means the knowledge and skills imparted by a CPD session are of the highest possible standard. In construction and architecture, for example, a CPD construction industry course can impart vital knowledge that serves you throughout your career.

CPD certifications also signal to current and future employers that you are committed to your personal development. In fact, many companies prioritise building CPD portfolios across their entire business, upskilling their workforce with CPD webinars, seminars and courses.

As such, if you get CPD accredited, you will only enhance your career prospects.

How to become CPD accredited

This includes everything from training courses and workshops to seminars and work events.

There are also less formal CPD sessions that can count towards your certificate. For example, you can keep track of the industry publications, news articles, and trade magazines you read, which count as undertaking research into your field of expertise.

If you wish to contribute to a construction CPD accreditation, read as much as possible about the industry. Case studies, reports on previous builds and relevant books are all invaluable sources of information in this respect.

What are CPD points?

Taking a CPD accredited course, workshop, or seminar is only one part of the Continuing Professional Development process. To receive your CPD certification, you must keep track of all your learning activities, too.

Because of this, CPD points and CPD hours are often closely linked. Generally speaking, one hour of development, research, or anything that can count as ‘active learning’ is considered one CPD hour or one CPD point. This means the longer your session, the more points you will earn upon completion.

For instance, a full day’s CPD online construction course will net you more points than a two-hour seminar. However, it’s often easier to fit those smaller learning sessions around your work schedule. All in all, it’s about finding the right balance that works for you.

Ultimately, CPD points help you document your self-development progress, with points awarded at the end of each CPD programme.

How many CPD points do I need?

CPD point requirements differ between employers. Some companies require workers to complete a minimum of 50 hours, building CPD points through the year. Others simply encourage you to commit some of your work time to CPD sessions.

Regardless of whether it is mandatory or not, earning CPD points is always a valuable and positive endeavour. It shows that you are dedicated to your craft, both to current and potential future employers. After all, it’s common practice to showcase your CPD points on your CV.

What CPD courses are available with Eurocell?

CPD seminars can help industry professionals earn window and door certifications, which helps them to broaden the scope of their services. With this in mind, Eurocell offers three CPD webinars focusing on PVC-U windows, each only taking 45 minutes to complete.

These CPD online sessions share our knowledge and expertise of PVC-U windows to learners of all experience levels, with each webinar being delivered by a member of our Business Development Team. Upon completion of each of our CPD webinars, you will be awarded a CPD certificate and earn points towards your personal development.

To find out more about our CPD construction sessions, continue reading, below.

The past, present and future of PVC-U windows

Covering how the windows market has changed over the years, the past, present and future of PVC-U windows webinar covers historic, current, and future trends. This CPD webinar also offers invaluable insight into how companies actively develop their systems for the benefit of the consumer.

PVC-U windows – value engineering and sustainability

Our value engineering and sustainability webinar breaks down the overwhelming benefits of value engineering in the construction industry. This CPD programme helps learners better understand the potential cost benefits of updating their practices.

Sustainable use of PVC-U windows to maximise ROI

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are becoming more important in both the construction and architecture industries. Because of this, our sustainable use of PVC-U session focuses on the sustainable aspects of PVC-U and its importance to both sectors.

How do I start a Eurocell CPD webinar?

To start building CPD points with Eurocell, all you need to do is fill out the CPD request form at the bottom of the page. A member of our team will get back in touch to offer more information, giving you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

From there, we can provide you access to whichever one of our CPD architecture and construction courses you want to try out first. Start your CPD learning journey with Eurocell and enhance your career prospects today.

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