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We've developed a window frame solution for fabricators that automatically opens to expel smoke in the event of a fire.

The new system works by connecting an actuator to the window’s frame so that the window opens in the presence of smoke. This helps to prevent smoke build-up and allows the façade to be used as a central part of the building’s smoke ventilation strategy.

All multiple occupancy buildings above three stories must have automated environmental and smoke ventilation capabilities to comply with the strict fire safety rules in part B of Building Regulations 2010.

To help fabricators ensure the windows chosen for the project are up to the task, we've worked with SE Controls, a specialist manufacturer providing solutions for both smoke and adaptive environmental ventilation solutions.

We have collaborated with SE Controls to independently test its popular window systems to the European smoke ventilator standard EN12101-2. The audited fabrication and installation process creates a solution that is CE marked and that comes with a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to prove its compliance.

To choose the optimum ventilation system, it is important to understand the manner in which air flows around a building. Our extensive product ranges and expertise in the area makes it easy to source the ideal solution for both smoke and environmental applications.

Ian Kernaghan, Eurocell’s Head of Product Design & Development, said: “Automated smoke ventilation not only plays an important role in keeping occupants safe during a fire, but it’s also a legal requirement for a large number of building types. “However, it can be difficult to know if the right system has been chosen for the building in question. Thanks to our collaboration with SE Controls, fabricators can simply and quickly find a window that incorporates the right actuator with the right frame, providing a fit-for-purpose automated smoke ventilation system that seamlessly blends in with the other windows in the project.”

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