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The UK’s leading specialists in PVC-U recycling, collection and extrusion

At the forefront of PVC-U waste recycling for more than 15 years. With our advanced closed-loop recycling system, old PVC-U and off-cuts from fabrication processes are not just recycled, but turned back into brand new extruded plastic products – all at the same site. So we keep PVC-U out of landfill sites and in productive use for potentially hundreds of years.

Choose Eurocell Recycle as your recycling partner and you’ll be at the forefront of sustainable advances in the building plastics industry. It’s not only good for the environment, but good for your business too. That’s because we pay prevailing market rates for every scrap of PVC-U waste you send to us.

Contact us to get your waste recycled into better profits for your business. Our Recovinyl membership assures you that you’ll be working with an honest, independently audited and quality-assured recycling partner.

Sell your PVC-U

Sell your PVC-U

We guarantee to pay the current market price for your PVC-U waste.



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Why choose Eurocell Recycle?

Established in 1995 as a PVC-U extrusion business, Eurocell Recycle (Formerly known as Merritt Plastics) specialises in producing high-volume rigid products, extruded using recycled material processed at our own plant.

With a £3m investment, we’ve enlarged and upgraded our PVC-U recycling plant at Ilkeston in Derbyshire. This advanced facility now has the capacity to recycle 10,000 tonnes of old PVC-U windows per year, as well as 2,400 tonnes of PVC-U off-cuts. As a result, we can provide a fast and efficient waste processing service for waste companies, waste transfer stations, fabricators, specifiers and local authorities right across the UK. Our Ilkeston plant is at the heart of our ‘closed-loop’ recycling process. By turning old window frames and other PVC-U waste into new products, we keep PVC-U out of landfill sites and back into perpetual use.

We want your PVC-U!

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Please note: There are currently no Government supported window or door scrappage schemes and we currently do not endorse any external schemes. For more information contact us at 0333 321 2355 or e-mail

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