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Folkestone recycling adds value for Kent customers

We speak to Kenny Lang about how Eurocell Folkestone helps their customers recycle.

Our Folkestone branch is one of the most active when it comes to recycling, with customers bringing in 40 to 50 windows-worth of frames every week. "It saves a lot of time for our customers – and money too”, says Branch Sales Manager Kenny Lang. "They like the fact that they can pick up their new windows at the same time they are recycling their old ones”.


Having deglazed the windows, customers cut the old frames into lengths and then stack them onto stillages in a corner of the branch yard. They fill out a Waste Transfer Note recording legally-required details, which is counter-signed by one of the branch workers. Once a week, when the branch's deliveries arrive from HQ, the stillages are loaded up and taken for processing.


"We actively promote it to all of our clients, it's a way of adding value to what we do”, says Kenny. "There's a lot of stigma attached to single-use plastic, such as plastic bags or bottles, and sometimes people don't realise that most plastic building products can be recycled”.


Folkestone was one of the first branches to trial the collection of customers' waste plastic a couple of years ago and is one of two branches in the south east that offer the service. The other is Sittingbourne, for which Kenny is also responsible.


The Folkestone branch serves a diverse range of customers: general builders, home owners, fabricators and installers, property developers and new-build projects. Window frames are its most often-sold products. "We do a lot of made-to-order items here," says Kenny. "That normally means that they are replacing existing windows, so we make people aware that they can recycle”.


From its location on the south east coast, Folkestone serves quite a broad geographical area which stretches in a semi-circle from Hastings to the West, up through Ashford and down to Dover to the East. With the ongoing regeneration of seaside towns, there's plenty of building activity to look forward to in this area, and Kenny is due to add a third branch to his responsibilities when a new one in Dover opens later this year.


"Whenever I meet a new client, I tell them about our free recycling service”, says Kenny. "As well as saving them money, customers like to know that their waste PVC will be recycled into future products”.

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