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Syncro Patio replacing Euroslide from January 2021 and Eurocell discontinuing kit sales at the end of 2020

Dear Customers,

We are sending this out as a general letter to all Syncro, Euroslide and Euroslide kit customers.

The Syncro patio system was introduced in September 2019 with a view to replacing the Euroslide patio bar length and kits. The introduction has gone well, with product upgrades such as the move to the deeper multi-chambered version, the wider sash formats and the introduction of the grey foils both faces on a grey substrate.

The initial intention was to phase out Euroslide in mid 2020 but with the industry in lock down for a period and the a very hectic return to work, we decided to delay this.

Your sales and technical contacts in Eurocell will have advised you of the planned changes and in fact many fabricators who used to produce the Euroslide patio are now set up for Syncro.

This letter is to inform you that the Euroslide bar length and kits will be phased out by the year end.

What is happening now – bar length

We are contacting the last customers who are fabricating bar length to undertake tooling audits and move to Syncro where appropriate.

For a number of customers the volume of patio business is relatively low, so they may wish to buy in completed patios from another fabricator producing the Syncro in volume or move to a new service that one of our fabricators is offering for kits – see below.

Our sales team will contact you in the next week or so to discuss options and find a solution that best suits your business.

If you wish to buy in complete patios (complete but you source your own glass), then we have a number of fabricators who supply nationally or on a wide regional basis, that we can put you in contact with and who can supply your requirements going forward. We have found that a number of fabricators have decided that buying in is the best option, as it frees up space in their own factories for window production or for the foiled products means that they are not having to carry stock of a number of foil colours which take time to consume.

The Syncro is available in both standard and PAS24 formats

What is happening now – patio kits

Eurocell will no longer offer patio kits from the end of December 2020 and number of the larger volume kit customers have moved to start fabricating the Syncro in bar length.

Eurocell has kept a stock of over 100 kits and in 2019, 50 of these kits had sales of less than 10 per year. With the larger customers who bought kits now buying in Syncro bar length demand for kits has fallen further.

For those fabricators who still wish to buy in kits, we have a fabricator who has offered to take on the supply of kits in a similar format to what Eurocell has offered. The plan is to:

•Offer a kit that would include profile and hardware. As is current practise the profile would then be cut to size by the fabricator taking the kits. We would expect that those buying in these kits would utilise their own sills
•Depending on the demand for these kits they may be offered in width and height, as currently but more likely a full kit would be offered
•For the full kit, a simple Excel sheet needs to be filled in with basic information on dimensions and a bespoke kit will be produced
•The company offering this have a nationwide delivery service. Lead times will be 8 to 10 working days which will cover the kit being produced in around 3 to 4 days, then an allowance for the delivery based on their Monday to Friday regular runs.

Otherwise you may wish to buy in complete Syncro patios, as detailed above.

The production of patio kits is now being scaled down ahead of the run out at the end of 2020. There will be residual stocks of kits that will be available in 2021 until they have sold through and will make this list widely available to kit customers who may wish to take the residual stocks.

Yours sincerely

Ian Kemp
Sales Director
Eurocell Profiles Ltd
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