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We have launched a new extended door threshold ramp system for residential entrance and French doors to add to our range of low level access products.

The new ramps are used in conjunction with our current PVC-U low thresholds and are available in four configurations. They are manufactured from silver anodized aluminium to provide extra strength and durability where high levels of foot and wheelchair traffic are expected.

Like all of our low thresholds, our latest offering will provide an easy way for contractors to comply with Part M regulations for making new homes accessible to those with limited mobility and parents with prams and buggies. At the same time, it will also help building designers meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (DDA in Northern Ireland).The advantages of the new product go beyond the purely practical, however. With the rise in popularity of check reveal door designs in more and more new build housing projects, the demand for deeper thresholds to cover the extra distance from doorframe to exterior brickwork, paved surfaces or decking has grown.

We are always working hard to anticipate what the industry will need next in terms of products and solutions, and our extended door threshold ramp system is another example of that approach in action. Seeing the direction of travel for check reveal and wider wall cavities in new build over the last few years, we decided the time was right to offer this new product

The extended door threshold is available for both inward and outward opening configurations and is designed for use on check reveal installations and doors that are fitted up to a maximum of 40mm into the cavity
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