You and your business : A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Social media; love it or hate it, it has its uses when it comes to generating business leads. It gets difficult however when it comes to mastering all the different platforms out there! From Facebook and Twitter, through to Instagram and Pinterest, each has its own benefits – if used correctly.

We thought we’d share some words of wisdom on how you can use Instagram to benefit your business. But first of all, why bother with it at all?

What we do, day-to-day is incredibly visual. We makeover customers’ homes, improving the look and feel, and as an image sharing platform, Instagram lends itself perfectly to shouting about the results of this. You just need to upload a picture of an installation to show off your skills to potential customers – simple. Instagram is also a platform many homeowners go to for interior design inspiration, so using it to find a tradesperson to make their dreams become reality is a very real possibility.

By following the below tips, you can make sure your Instagram is as beneficial as it can possibly be:

Your Bio

A bio is a short description explaining who you are and what your profile is about. Make sure you include your business name, what you do, where you’re located and a telephone number or email address for people to contact you.

Quality pictures

Blurred, out of focus pictures have no place on Instagram. Make sure you take a good quality picture, framing the installation nicely in the viewfinder of your smartphone. Taking time out to make your picture high quality will reassure your potential customers that you care about the jobs you do.


Instagram allows users to apply filters on images, changing the look – ie, tone, colour, shadowing - of the photo. Simply swipe across once you’ve selected an image and select which filter you prefer. It’s a good idea to use the same filter on all of your images as it will give all of your images on your profile a consistent look and tends to lead to more ‘likes’. More likes on a picture will increase your chances of it being seen on people’s feeds. If you want more information on filters, this blog does a good job of explaining them.


It’s also possible to tag the location of the installation onto your image, honing in on the city, town or village that you’re in. This means people can easily see if you’re local to them and request more information.

Image description

Instagram also allows users to include an image description underneath each picture. Here, you can explain what the job was, which products you’ve used and any other relevant information. This provides some context to the picture and helps people understand the project you’ve completed.


On Instagram, the hash symbol turns any word, or group of words, into a searchable link. People can click your hashtag and find all the posts containing the same hashtag - just don’t leave a space between each word, so #GoodHashtag rather than #Good Hashtag. Make sure you use them, but not too much. We recommend using five hashtags in each post. Good ones to use are: 

- #HomeImprovement
- #HomeRenovation
- #NewBuild
- #Renovation

You can also hashtag the type of product you’re installing, #conservatory, #Skypod, #Windows.


Finally, make sure you get permission to take a picture of someone’s home before you share it on Instagram. There’s nothing more unnerving than stumbling across a picture of your bedroom on the internet that you didn’t realise was out there…

If you follow the above tips, you should be well on your way to running a successful Instagram account. And if you share any picture of installations using Eurocell products, don’t forget to write @Eurocellplc in the description so we can see them!

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