You and your business : Boosting Team Morale

Top tips for boosting team morale

Customer service, quality work, meeting deadlines and cashflow are priorities that tradespeople view as the most crucial to their business. And while these are of course critical to your business they can often overtake other, equally as important issues within the business, in particularly team morale. 

However, the reality is that low morale can actually lead to a lack of attention to quality, increased risk of health and safety incidents and general poor performance. Put bluntly, it can undermine the success of your business, damage your reputation and hit your bottom line. 

So, with this in mind, what can you do to ensure that you have a happy, engaged workforce that is delivering for your business? Here’s some tips for keeping team morale in tip top condition.

Share Positive Customer Feedback

It’s a sad fact of life that when you’re locked into the ‘same old’ daily routine getting tasks done is the main focus and recognising a job well done gets overlooked. However, everybody likes to hear that they have done well and appreciation of this can sometimes be underrated. So, if you receive positive feedback from a customer that they are happy with the work you have done – share it with your team.

Acknowledge Good Work

It’s not just good customer feedback that needs to be shared with your team – it’s important you share your appreciation too. Ultimately people want to know that their work and efforts are valued, so if someone has done a good job or gone above and beyond – tell them!

Equally, if no one individual has stood out thank the entire team on their work and occasionally reward them with a round of drinks after work or have pizza delivered after the shift has finished for the team to share.

Foster a culture of fun

For most employees work is a necessity to pay the bills and a dull, uninspiring working environment simply feeds into the monotony and humdrum of coming into work. And when this begins to set in morale – and productivity – soon starts to suffer.

Injecting a little fun into the workspace doesn’t require a huge effort and could be something as simple as starting a company fantasy football league. But as the saying goes little things can make a big difference.

Trust your employees

When you run your own business there is often a temptation to constantly monitor your employees. However, you often only get to spend short chunks of time in the office and if everything isn’t being run precisely as you would like, feedback can often become critical. Hardly a good environment for buoyant morale.

It’s important that your staff know they are trusted to get on with the job and do it to a high standard – even if they do it slightly differently to how you would yourself. Listen to what your workers and contractors tell you and be open to ideas, feedback, and yes – even criticism.

Breaks are important

While it can be tempting to encourage your staff to skip breaks, particularly during busy periods, doing so can have damaging effect on both moral and the quality of work. It’s important to remind your workers – and yourself - to take breaks to avoid a loss of focus, and ensure they are in the best possible state of mind every time they pick up a tool.

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