Construction…with style

Workwear for the general builder serves a functional purpose. Steel toe cap boots for the rogue hammer drops and an abundance of pockets for an array of tools – workwear can be a H&S requirement as well as making your life easier. There’s no reason however that your work wardrobe can’t be as stylish as it is functional. In fact, GQ, a men’s lifestyle magazine, recently ran an article on how to wear construction workwear in your personal life!

In this post, we’re going to run through items that would make a great addition to any tradesperson’s wardrobe.

Safety boots

Footwear – potentially the most important piece of workwear you need, and one worth investing in. They’ll protect your feet from dropped tools and equipment, provide grip when navigating treacherous terrain and keep you dry in wet conditions. Timberlands are an iconic look off-site and there’s no reason they can’t be used when at work too.

Lightweight yet robust, the safety shoe comes with a water-resistant leather upper, steel toe cap and steel anti-perforation midsole. They’re also comfortable in any working position with added shock absorption and high slip and abrasion resistance.


It’s important that you’re comfortable and unrestricted whilst working on-site and Carhartt’s PPE range means you can do this, whilst remaining on trend. Its PPE snap front denim shirt wouldn’t look out of place out on a Saturday night whilst also being 1% anti-static, an important consideration for a job where static shock or electrocution are a risk.


Often spotted on-site, Dickies trousers have been been adopted as the go-to for many celebrities. Simple design, great price and all the functionality required, they’re perfect for construction workers. The Dickies ‘Everyday Workwear Trousers’ can satisfy any style conscious tradesperson’s sartorial needs, whilst remaining functional.

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