Eurocell Champion : John Nicholls

Introducing you to the Eurocell Champions…

Introducing you to the Eurocell Champions…

To give you even more industry insight, we’ve picked a selection of expert builders, roofers and window fitters with vast industry experience to be Eurocell Champions.

Our Champions will provide regular ‘how-we-do-it’ videos, giving you helpful hints and tricks on installations and demoing various products.

We’ll also be interviewing our experts regularly to gain insight on a wide variety of topics. You’ll be getting to know our Champions very well over the next few months but to introduce them to you now we’ve asked each to give us a little bit of background about their business and what they do.

Our next Champion is…


John Nicholls


Fix a Frame

Tell us a bit about your company?

We are a dedicated supplier and installer of the highest-rated door and window products on the market. Our unique selling point is that we offer a bespoke design service to ensure our customers’ needs are met through to every detail.

How long have you been using Eurocell?

I’ve been using Eurocell products since starting my own business 10 years ago.

What your favourite Eurocell product?

I use many Eurocell products but my favourite has to be the Skypod - great design and so simple to fit!

What’s your favourite thing about working in the industry?

The best thing about working in the industry is transforming people’s homes. I really enjoy improving both the look and functionality of my customers’ homes.

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