How joining a competent person scheme could change your business

We work with tradespeople on a daily basis, and good tradespeople at that! If you know that your work is top notch and your customers are happy, why would you need to join a competent person scheme? Read on to find out…

First of all, what is a competent person scheme?

A competent person scheme is certification that a trades person has been deemed competent to carry out work in line with building regulations. From plumbing to roofing, they exist across the entire construction industry and highlight a tradesperson’s skill and proficiency in a particular discipline.

We recently launched our Eurocell Select approved installer scheme for windows and doors, which aims to develop a trusted network of installers across the UK. Our new initiative – which is backed by CERTASS and FENSA - will allow installers of Eurocell windows and doors to gain certification following a training course and aims to help tradespeople overcome what is often deemed a ‘cowboy image’ within the industry.

Why should you join an approved scheme? Here are our top four reasons:

1. Customer reassurance

Knowing that an independent body has approved your work will offer reassurance to potential customers and could result in additional work because of this. If you receive a logo as part of the scheme, make sure this is on all of your marketing collateral, including your van, flyers and website. More often than not, your scheme provider will be able to provide additional marketing support to help you with this. Eurocell Select installers will also receive TrustMark accreditation, reassuring customers further.

2. Lead generation

As well as the projects that will come your way organically through the extra certification, being part of a scheme often means you qualify for lead generation opportunities, something we offer through Eurocell Select. This means that we pass any jobs that come through to us as a business to our registered installers, which could provide a great source of income for your business.

3. Free training

Free training is a great opportunity for those that are part of a scheme. Eurocell Select installers have access to training held at various locations across the UK that will include both practical installation training to industry quality standards and classroom sessions - covering health and safety, use of PPE, and window and door removal/installation.

Eurocell will provide free product and installation training for all products covered within the scheme, plus top tips to overcome common issues.

4. Dispute support

Even the best installers can find themselves in disputes with customers. Whether it’s an unwarranted claim from a customer, or refusal of payment, Competent Person Schemes offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) support, which could save you significant amounts of money in small claims court.

You don’t just need to take our word for it, Chris Beedel, Director of Membership at FENSA welcomed the introduction of the Eurocell Select approved installer scheme. He said: “Industry led initiatives which complement the FENSA self-certification scheme and champion continuous improvement in knowledge and understanding within the fenestration industry are always welcome. This in turn helps installers to develop their business and build industry confidence among homeowners.”

We’re looking to recruit domestic trade installers who are already part of a competent person scheme and all will receive free entry onto the Eurocell Select Approved Installer Scheme. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, call 0800 988 3049 or visit We can also offer support to those wishing to transfer from existing schemes.

Are you a member of a competent person scheme? If so, let us know how it’s helped you!

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