You and your business : Top Tips for Excellent Customer Service

Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews, Rated People and My Builder have all given consumers a platform to praise, recommend or leave a bad review of you and your team. All of this is easily accessible to potential customers – the majority of whom are savvy enough to research online before even picking up the phone – meaning that negative comments can have a damaging effect on your business.

As a result of this good customer service has never been more important to tradespeople. Fortunately achieving this isn’t rocket science – it’s just a case of reminding yourselves of the basics which have been behind your current success and making sure the entire team is aware of their responsibilities to your customers. Here are some top tips for excellent customer service.

Social media; love it or hate it, it has its uses when it comes to generating business leads. It gets difficult however when it comes to mastering all the different platforms out there! From Facebook and Twitter, through to Instagram and Pinterest, each has its own benefits – if used correctly.

We thought we’d share some words of wisdom on how you can use Instagram to benefit your business. But first of all, why bother with it at all?

What we do, day-to-day is incredibly visual. We makeover customers’ homes, improving the look and feel, and as an image sharing platform, Instagram lends itself perfectly to shouting about the results of this. You just need to upload a picture of an installation to show off your skills to potential customers – simple. Instagram is also a platform many homeowners go to for interior design inspiration, so using it to find a tradesperson to make their dreams become reality is a very real possibility.

By following the below tips, you can make sure your Instagram is as beneficial as it can possibly be:

Don’t ghost customers

Calls from customers – both current and potential new ones – can come at any time of day. Many of these can come when you are on the job or are at the wheel of the van and as such a large number go to voicemail. It’s easy to let responding to these voicemails slip but for the customer there is nothing more frustrating than having to chase you constantly before they finally get through to you. By responding to voicemails within 48hrs you’ll go a long way towards leaving a good impression.

Manage expectations – and meet them

Customer expectations when it comes to having new windows fitted are usually fairly basic. They want to know how much it will cost; how long the job will take; when you can fit it in and if they’ll need to be in when you do the work. Be realistic in how you answer these questions and make sure you stick to what you say. And if for any reason the job isn’t going to go to plan, be sure to communicate this honestly with the customer.

Keep it clean

The last thing a customer wants after having smart new windows fitted is to have to embark on a major cleaning mission – especially after a day at work. Put down mats and make sure you leave the property clean.

A courtesy call will be appreciated

A week or so after the job is finished be sure to give your customers a courtesy call to make sure they are happy with both the product and the job done. If they aren’t try to find a way to change this – and if this requires another visit be sure to do it promptly.

How do you go about making sure you have happy customers? Let us know in the comments below.

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